Challenge Dungeons 6 Brainstorming

The latest set of Challenge Dungeons features significant changes. Time to brainstorm teams.


Beelzebub is still my only team that can realistically clear this dungeon, but looking at the lineup I’m already considering skipping it as Bubpys are the ones I need least.

  1. Beelzebub – Without uevo Pandora this team doesn’t have the requisite skill boosts to have Haku ready turn one to deal with the preemptive full board poison. That’s at least one stone right off the bat and Beelzebub himself isn’t a pushover if I can’t one-shot him (Batman won’t be ready turn one).
  2. Hera-Is – A lot of RNG goes into 0-stoning her as an untimely heartbreak and/or bind from her can spell death.
  3. Satan – Hera-Is will likely have to be downed with a RSonia board change so you can use CDD+Haku to take down Satan before his nuke. I’d likely use Batman here, too, since we can stall the next floor.
  4. Meph – The 4th floor is usually the breather for Lv10. The only thing scary for us are dark skyfalls pushing Meph’s HP down too quickly before we can stall for skills.
  5. Hera-Ur – Hera-Ur is brutal, like Hera-Is but worse. At least this time we only have to suffer the increased fire and jammer drops for two floors.
  6. Zeus Stratios – On PDX he looks to basically be the same as he is in God Rush which I hope remains true.

This looks like a pain in the ass and I certainly can’t 0-stone it. I think I’d rather spend the stones elsewhere.


Basically changed to Paradise of the Holy Beasts except with Defoud on the first floor. I’d like to clear this with my Verdandi team, but it may just be easier to do it with Beelzebub. Defoud is the hardest floor by far and considering I’ll have to take a few hits to get skills ready either way it’s probably just a better idea to go with the team with actual RCV.


This dungeon has been worrying me for quite some time. I usually use a Ceres team to cheese it, but with Zeus Vulcan as the new boss I’d have to do 5.5 million burst to get him within tanking range which wasn’t happening with that team. A Woodsie would likely solve that issue. I could run Ceres / GOdin / GSonia / Perseus|Michael|AvaD / Woodsie / Ceres and that would likely get the job done, but I also want to explore other teams.

I originally thought of making a team of Neptune / Hera-Is / Hera-Is / Ruka / Zeus Mercury / Neptune. 3k autoheals, a heartmaker and an enhanced full board nuke should be able to cheese the dungeon easily… except Zeus Vulcan has a 5-combo shield. While it’s entirely possible to play for the Hail Mary 5-combo skyfall, I’d rather avoid that frustration and disappointment.

Now down to the last awoken Greco-Roman. I was thinking Minerva / RGY / RGY / Mitsuki / Freyr / Minerva. I’d finally get some use out of those shitty RGYs, but considering I have almost zero investment in fire it would be quite costly to make them descend-worthy, let alone Challenge Dungeon-worthy.

I think I may just try the Woodsie option. If that doesn’t work, I’ll wait and see if someone comes up with an easier way to cheese the dungeon; barring that I’ll dump some stones into raising a team to clear it. Unlike Lv10, I have no problems spending stones raising a team since you get predictable and permanent value; my problem is stoning continues for minimal rewards.


After curbstomping Medjedra Descended with my Verdandi team, I’m not too worried about this dungeon anymore.

Lvs 1-6

Should remain trivial.