Challenge Dungeons! 6 Lv10 0-Stone Clear

With a lucky skyfall on Beelzebub, minimal heart troll and hitting my big combos when needed, I was able to 0-stone my first Lv10. Well, 0-stone is a bit facetious as I spent a good 3 stones on stamina trying to get past Beelzebub, but the god run came to me and I didn’t choke. I was waffling on doing this — particularly since I need to start cutting back on how much I spend on this game — but Lv10 is one of biggest challenges left to my teams and I decided it was worth taking it on even if I didn’t need the Bubpy.

I may write something more detailed later, but for now I’ll say: thank god for uevo Pandora. Clearing this set of Challenge Dungeons would’ve been impossible for me without her.