Pandora and Batman Hypermax – First Hypermax Team

Barring obtaining a surprise Loki or something crazy coming from GungHo, my Beelzebub team is complete. The next hypermax project will likely be Awoken Bastet unless I fall in love with Awoken Lakshmi before that.


2 thoughts on “Pandora and Batman Hypermax – First Hypermax Team

    • For general use: Beelzebub / CDD / Haku / Pandora / Loki / RSonia.

      CDD and Haku are locks. I would consider swapping out Pandora for Drawn Joker for the faster hearts, but the situation would have to be pretty extreme.

      For the damage enhancer slot it would be between Batman and Loki. Batman is fine for most situations, but with uevo Pandora and the team now hypermaxed the team isn’t starved for damage and the extra 0.5x is less relevant (until we start getting beefier bosses, that is). Loki has many advantages, the key points being: his active being up whenever Haku is up, his active lasting multiple turns allowing for consecutive turn burst and having incredible RCV for a devil. Sadly I don’t have a Loki so I can’t talk from firsthand experience. I’m looking into using Vritra as a replacement if I need a faster damage enhance.

      I’m actually in the process of writing a post about Beelzebub which will hopefully be out later this week. It will cover this and a bit more.


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