Verdandi Brainstorming – Brachy is Good Now?

Note: Now that the Brachy uevo is out, I’m bumping this post in hopes that someone finds it useful. If you have Liu Bei(s), but no Verdandi, Brachy could be a decent substitute until you get one.

I quickly dismissed the new starter uevos as useless wastes of rare evo mats, but Brachy may be an exception, especially if you use a Verdandi or have a few of her as friends. Her biggest weakness is healing her considerable HP pool short of using one of her actives. Well, Brachy may be able to address that with his 1.5 RCV bonus to dragons. Dragons? What do dragons have to do with a Verdandi team? Well, Liu Bei is a dragon now… and Brachy is wood/fire now. Consider this team:

1921 - 猛花龍・ハウルブラキオス824 - Ancient Dragon Knight, Zeal1743 - Restrained Dragon Hero, Liu Bei1743 - Restrained Dragon Hero, Liu Bei1654 - Armored Red Storm Knight, Delgado1672 - Norn of the Present, Verdandi

Sadly PDX’s team simulator isn’t calculating RCV correctly, but thanks to Arkaether’s spreadsheet I came up with the following numbers:

Total 0x 297s 1x 297 3x 297s 6x 297s
HP  21758  23243  26213  29678
ATK  8969  9464  10454  11989
RCV  2873  3170  4060  5397

While this isn’t exactly replicating RSonia/Lu Bu numbers, I think there’s something to be said for a pseudo-Verdandi team that doesn’t rely only on her active to heal back up. A normal Verdandi team might get 2-3k RCV so getting 4k+ will be a big help. This team fully +egged can do about 3.5 million with 3 TPAs and a couple other combos; not exactly mindblowing numbers, but not bad for a tank team.

The dragon typing is really restrictive so sadly you pretty much have to have at least one Liu Bei to make this (or any Verdandi team) worthwhile. There also isn’t a lot of wiggle room for utility subs, but GungHo seems to be pushing Norn colors hard lately so we may see more selection in the near future. Sadly one of the cooler potential subs in Tigrex & Rex Neko isn’t on NA.

Well, the stats are good and all, but what is this team good for? That, I can’t really say. There are quite a few dungeons were you don’t necessarily need Verdandi’s 35k+ HP and just want to the ability to heal up, but is this better than just a standard  Verdandi team? I’m not sure if the loss of ATK is worth it. Well it’s just good to know that this option exists.


2 thoughts on “Verdandi Brainstorming – Brachy is Good Now?

  1. Really enjoy your blog. I main Verdandi so I like reading about possible teams with her. Thinking of also making an Awoken Parvati team and comparing the two. Keep up the good work 😀


    • Thanks for the encouraging words. I don’t have enough time to write up as many posts like this as I’d like, but it’s great to hear you found this one interesting.

      The great thing about Verdandi is she and her subs transition well into other teams. Namely Parvati, as you mentioned, and Bastet. I’m excited to see where these new leaders shine.


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