Godfest: Greco-Roman 1 & 2 4/30, Chinese & Indian 2 5/1

Day 1 is a pretty nice day for subs. All the Greco-Romans have awoken uevos and the Greeks are useful on just about any mono-color team and several rainbow ones. The Greco-Romans are also nice leads for cheesing certain dungeons.

Day 2 is more of a mixed bag as the Chinese are mostly great subs, but Indian 2 are only leads. The pantheons don’t work particularly well together, either. I’d imagine many will lay waste to their stone count chasing Haku, though. For good measure, the dark gala ends the day before.

My new rating system is almost complete, but it likely won’t be ready before this godfest. In the meantime here are the old, outdated reviews: Greco-Roman (B-) | Greek (C+) | Chinese (A) | Indian 2 (B). I’d probably give Greco-Roman a B+ and Indian 2 a C+.