Challenge Dungeons! 6 Lv9 – Beelzebub

Who needs skill when you have +eggs and a tank team? The basic strategy for this dungeon is: stall for Haku, don’t hurt the boss too much while doing so to avoid enrage, use Haku + CDD, kill, rinse and repeat. There’s a few key points to 0-stoning this dungeon with this team:

  • If Haku + CDD doesn’t give you a 6-combo board on Defoud, you’re going to have to pray for a skyfall combo or your run may just end there.
  • It’s quite easy to stall on every floor except Defoud and Sakuya.
  • The dungeon punishes you for comboing too well while stalling. Do the minimal amount of combos to heal. Be very aware that a bad string of skyfall combos can easily put them into enrage range.
  • Stall on Meimei so you can kill Sakuya before her dark bind.
  • You can wait out Fagan’s time reduction debuff before going for the kill, but make sure his dark orb change doesn’t cause you to accidentally put him in into enrage range.

I’m still struggling with what I want to do with my videos. I still don’t think there’s much value in watching someone of my caliber play, especially with no commentary, but it does feel good to show off dungeon clears and my teams so maybe that’s reason enough to continue. I’m also reevaluating my use of fast- and skip-fowards. It feels like it’s trying to cover up my poor play, but on the other hand I  want to keep the video length as short as possible. I’m also considering adding text commentary to the videos. It’s more work for me, but it would hopefully make things more interesting. Like I could easily just add the above commentary to the video.