Skill Up Log – The Norns

Monster Tries Success Rate
Urd 25 5 20.00%
Skuld 49 5 10.20%
Verdandi 25 5 20.00%

I had long given up hope on rolling a Skuld, but somehow I got one in today’s godfest; well, maybe not completely given up, since I kept around several Blue Dragon Fruits for no other apparent reason. I promptly fed them and just as quickly was rewarded with an 0-fer-24. RNGesus giveth and RNGesus taketh away, I guess.

This prompted me to stone the hell out of the Thursday dungeon, allowing me to also skill up some other Norns I had laying around. Amusingly enough, I got an even distribution of 25 of each fruit, going 5/25 for each Norn, 1 skill up per 5-feed. Such is life.

Now that I have Skuld, she’s a strong consideration for my soon-to-be Lakshmi team. I don’t have immediate plans on making a team for her as a lead, though, and I don’t think that will change since there are many more exciting things coming down the pipeline from Japan (we just need to wait to get them…). Skuld is very, very strong, though, so the temptation will always be there, especially if Lakshmi gets me to develop my water box.