Another Shit NA Event…


…with no 2.5x skill up bonus or anything else of note. NA is only falling further and further behind on new descends…

P.S. EU is getting 2.5x skill up bonus for their Mario PAD event.

2 thoughts on “Another Shit NA Event…

  1. I feel ya on that. How hard is it to implement data that’s been out for months now on an entire server. I really do wonder what they do on a daily basis 8-4 in terms of work. I’m sitting here waiting for new Ult Evos (Parvati, Horus) :[


    • I don’t think any technical work is done in the NA offices outside of IT/tech support. My theory is that Japan has their own schedule, handles any technical work themselves and pushes updates to NA accordingly. There’s likely little back and forth between the offices which would explain the disconnect between JP and NA and why we can never get timely update information. The NA offices are likely guessing along with us. So likely the typical 8-4 for the NA offices is writing the cheesy copy we get in their Facebook posts and responding to customer support requests.

      This is all just speculation, but I’d rather believe this delusion than believe something even more broken is going on behind the scenes.


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