Challenge Dungeons 7 Brainstorming

There aren’t sweeping changes like there were last time, but even small changes can significantly alter the way the dungeon plays out. It’s time to brainstorm.


Lv10 is always a pain in the ass and 0-stoning it seems to require more luck than anything, at least for me. At least this time there’s no first floor Beelzebub, but the new first floor isn’t all that much better.

  1. Satan replaces Beelzebub. All this really means is instead of having to one-shot on the first turn, I’ll have three turns to play with before finishing off the floor. In most cases I’ll end up using Haku + CDD + Beelzebub to finish him off, probably having to use Batman too.
  2. Hera-Ur is always the worst floor for a Beelzebub team as she hits incredibly hard while having a chance to kill your hearts. As I’m likely out of ammunition from Satan, I’m going to have to grind a few turns and hope RSonia + Beelzebub is enough to finish her off.
  3. Hera-Is is a bit easier than Ur. I’ll have to pray to survive through the skill bind, then Haku + CDD should be enough to finish her off before her 100% gravity.
  4. I’m not sure what to do about Zeus Olympios, but it will probably be best to finish him off ASAP as he hits pretty hard and his bind at 50% HP could be annoying. Luckily he’s light and has little HP, so it should be relatively easy to do so. As I’ll need RSonia for the next floor and I probably used Haku + CDD on the previous floor, I’m hoping a Pandora orb change will be enough to finish him off (and that I won’t need the hearts later).
  5. Zeus Dios is usually the breather floor — him or Mephisto — and I’ll have to take full advantage to get skills back up. I’ll have to finish him off with RSonia as I’ll need Haku + CDD the next floor.
  6. From my experience with God Rush, I’ll want to one-shot Zeus Stratios the first turn. This means I’ll need Haku + CDD + Batman up for sure and hopefully Beelzebub for good measure, depending on how the previous floor went. If Haku doesn’t give a board that can be 6-comboed or I don’t get lucky with the skillfalls, I’ll most certainly die. This is the final floor, but I’m unsure if I’d stone here just to get the dungeon over with. I’d most likely have no actives up and I’d have to survive long enough to get at least Haku + CDD up again, probably resulting in more deaths. On the other hand, do I really want to go through all the other floors again if I got here with 0 stones? I’m thinking I’d restart, especially now that we have stamina overflow.


Lv9 is exactly the same as last time… except Karin got an upgrade. She now puts us on a hard timer — I wouldn’t count on having no hearts on-board — but in practice it doesn’t change all that much as I finished her off last time in about 4 turns anyways. I’ll likely use my Beelzebub team again.


Lv8 is still a huge obstacle for me. While Pandora stomped the dungeon last time, Noah presents a much larger obstacle than Athena. On top of not being weak to dark, Noah’s 99% gravity is a huge problem for a team that isn’t particularly great at tanking hits. While DValk was good enough last time even though this is a no RCV dungeon, I may have to swap her out for something better to compensate for the increase in difficulty. I may consider swapping out the second Haku as well.


The only change is swapping in Cleopatra from the ancient mask on floor 1. This actually makes things easier for my Verdandi team.


2 thoughts on “Challenge Dungeons 7 Brainstorming

  1. I’ve been using Verdandi to 0-stone challenge levels 1-9 after being inspired by your previous Verdandi challenge dungeon clears with her. Is there a reason you decided to move to Robub team for levels 8-10?


    • Beelzebub is a lot more forgiving. If you screw up or get a bad board change with Beelzebub you can recover, but with Verdandi that’s more difficult. She’s still able to 0-stone Lv9, but I now take Beelzebub since he gives me a better chance to one-shot it and thus save stamina. I also enjoy the change of pace the row playstyle affords as I’ve been using TPAs for most of my PAD career.

      As for Lv10, I haven’t actually tried it with Verdandi, but I’ve just assumed a typical Liu Bei-based team would have trouble with it. I’m referring to Hera-Ur in particular who soaks up too much damage while also outputting too much. I’ve seen videos of Verdandi clearing certain Lv10s, but I didn’t want to invest in the niche subs to do so especially when it’s not certain that they could clear other Lv10s. I instead invested in Beelzebub who has a good chance of clearing most versions of Lv10. I’ll likely keep clearing Lv10 with him until Awoken Bastet is released. She has a lot of overlap with Verdandi as far as subs, but should have an easier time dealing with Hera-Ur due to the increased damage output.


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