Farming Mephisto Descended

1510 - Awoken MephistophelesAfter a series of balance changes and a new uevo, Vritra is one of the stronger dark/devil monsters in the game and is well worth skilling up. Mephisto Descended is the only place that drops Devil Fish and is likely the best place to farm for skill ups. The only other option on NA is Bone Fish from Dragon Zombie, but restricted dungeons are difficult to farm — if only for the limited number of valid friend leaders on your list — and the drop also requires a uevo. So, Mephisto it is. Farming mythical descends is extremely annoying since there’s always a significant possibility of failing no matter how easy it is, especially since I usually tend to get careless during a long farming session.

Team Breakdown


The awoken Greco-Romans were made to cheese this dungeon, but they are simply too slow and grindy for speed farming. In order to save time I used my trusty Verdandi team which can consistently clear the dungeon in 5 minutes or less. There are probably better options, but this is the best I have. There’s nothing particularly special about the team, but Ceres is used instead of another orb change as a safety net against Mephisto’s god bind.

Floor Breakdown

tl;dr the dungeon is very forgiving which is great for farming. The two main points are not screwing up on Helheim and having Ceres to bail you out if you screw up on Mephisto.

The dungeon isn’t particularly difficult, but it has a couple things you need to be aware of to ensure safe, consistent farming.

  1. A throwaway floor. One TPA from a Verdandi team should be good enough.
  2. Cerebus is a very annoying floor that can have implications later due to the poison orb change, especially if they hit your main color. I can usually take him out with one TPA, but if the orbs aren’t available I let the poison orbs accumulate until I have enough wood orbs. The poison can be dealt with later with a Verdandi board change.
  3. Devil Fish, the floor we’re running this for. One TPA will wipe the floor. I usually quit the dungeon if the Devil Fish doesn’t drop.
  4. Helheim is very annoying for farming. If you screw up your combo and get him bellow 75% he’ll one-shot you. This is particularly relevant when he comes with a one-turn timer. I quickly got used to paying more attention to this floor after he killed me a couple times early in my farming session.
  5. CDD is on a two-turn timer, making him relatively easy to clear before taking any damage.
  6. Lucifer will bind any dark monsters for three turns, which means GZL on my Verdandi team. I don’t use Ceres to deal with the bind here, preferring to wait it out. I usually grind him down for two turns, then on the third turn pop Verdandi to heal up and finish him off which also results in the bind wearing off the next floor. Remember you get a second chance to finish him off since he’ll take a turn off to say “Perish!” when he gets low.
  7. Mephisto also doesn’t present much of a problem. I usually go Verdandi -> Liu Bei -> GZL which should be good enough to one-shot him. If I screw up my combo and don’t one-shot him I have Ceres on backup to deal with the ensuing god bind. Like Lucifer, Mephisto is also kind-hearted enough to give you a free turn when it gets low, saying “3” instead.


Mephisto Descended – Mythical
Runs Stamina Stones
71 3550 11
Devil Fish Cerebus
Drops Drop / Run Stam Per Drops Drop / Run Stam Per
58 0.82 61.21 7 0.10 507.14

I was disappointed to see that the Devil Fish drop rate wasn’t 100%. I guess I’m spoiled from the 100% Centaur drop rate from both Mythical and Legend Hera-Beorc, but considering both this and Mini GZL from Zhao Yun are about 80% I’ll be sure to expect that in the future.


This was pretty costly both time- and stone-wise, so I’m unsure if I want to go through this again. My original goal was to get two Vritra’s ready for a Star Vault farming team, but after doing the research into how many +eggs I’d actually need for the team, I think I’m going to eschew that team in favor of one based on uevo Goemon. I did manage to get one Vritra max skilled off of this, which I’ll likely use as a flex sub for my Beelzebub team.