Skill Up Log – Vritra

Monster Tries Success Rate
Vritra 40 8 20.00%
Vritra (2) 18 2 11.11%
Mephisto 33 10 30.30%

I had a couple O-fers to start off my first Vritra, but I also had a few 2 for 5s to help bring me back to a 20% success rate.

Yes, I now have a max skilled Mephisto; perhaps the worst descended boss ever considering his already piss poor active conflicts with his leader skill. The 30% rate is a bit deceptive as I went 4/9 on him during the last 2.5x event (for some reason I forget).

Speaking of which, we are now in the third event in a row without a 2.5x skill up bonus. JP tends to get it at least every other event. This is just another reason to be angry at how NA is run.

During 2x, I’m now 728/3856 or 18.88%. Since 2.5x was first introduced, I’m 121/665 or 18.19%. I was above 19% overall for a while, but hit a really bad streak which only increases the frustration of not having 2.5x.