Challenge Dungeons! 7 Lv9 – Verdandi 0-Stone Video

Not much to say here. Looking back, there are a few combos that look pretty derpy because halfway through I remembered it’s better to stall a turn or two. Defoud is the most annoying part since getting 6 combos with TPAs is hard for a team with no time extends, especially for me. Susano is my MVP for enabling us to wait out Fagan’s time reduction debuff. Don’t think I could consistently finish this dungeon without him. In the future Bastet might be a better choice for dealing with it as her time extend buff replaces the debuff.


One thought on “Challenge Dungeons! 7 Lv9 – Verdandi 0-Stone Video

  1. Nice clear. It took me 11 tries to clear with Verdandi. I used Ceres instead of Sasuke. Most of my deaths were on Defoud. I also died with bad skyfall into sub 30% on leilan and Sakuya as well as dying due to trying to stall too long on Karin and Haku. I found Fagan to be easy to kill due to 2 rows of 20+ green orbs total off a verdandi + liu bei + gzl active. I didn’t have to stall out the orb time limit reduction.


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