My REM Luck Continues


I finally rolled the Destroying Booty of Power, Kali. The only godfest exclusive that eludes me now is BOdin, but I’d rather get another ROdin tbh.

I’ve been wanting to try out a combo lead in earnest for a while. I was just going to wait for Awoken Bastet — I still plan to go all in on her team — but now that I have DKali I’m incentivized to at least try out a color match god before then. The LKali uevo should hit NA any day now — knock on wood — so it may be a good time to hop on that train.

Considering I have almost everything from the REM, I’ve been very lucky getting RValk, Skuld and DKali in the few rolls I’ve done the past month or so. I don’t expect to roll in the next few godfests, even if there is a PCGF among them, waiting instead for the new godfest exclusives. I’ll probably dump 200-300 stones on the first godfest that they are available at 3x rates and I’ll probably make a video for that.