Weekly Roundup 15


The Past Week:

Next Week and Beyond:

  • Green Sprite is scheduled to start Monday which is nice as I’ll finally be able to hypermax my Perseus. Just gotta remember the first week’s 2x drop is on Saturday so I don’t repeat the goof I made with Andromeda.
  • It seems likely that the next NA event will promote the Mario PAD release. If GungHo doesn’t pull the stops for this event then I’ll have pretty much lost all hope in the NA version. I’m expecting 2.5x skill up, two new descends (Diagoldos and Sonia Gran) and at least one of 2x coin dungeon drops and 3x normal +egg drops. The time for new uevos is also approaching and I expect the Lakshmi, Parvati, Lu Bu, DQXQ and LKali wave to come out within the next week. Are my expectations too high? Yes… but at this point NA is going to need at least that to keep me spending money on the game. Just looking at how exciting every week is on JP has me quite salty and I’m close to closing the wallet just out of spite and jealousy.
  • The last I heard the JP uevo poll has Hathor, DIzanami and LMeta leading their respective categories. While there may be “better” choices, I wouldn’t be disappointed with any of them. I’m particularly hyped for DIza; just imagine if she gets devil type… dark-devil bias would indeed be confirmed.
  • Stats for uevo Krishna and Sarasvati should come out this week. I’m thinking they won’t pull a delay like they did with Shiva and Cao Cao as Krishna is the face of their current event, but who knows. Doesn’t it seem like Vishnu needed the uevo the most? I mean, wood has been getting the most love lately, but still…

2 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 15

  1. Korea is getting the Ult Evo tomorrow so I’m hoping NA gets it later this week! Woo Ult Parvati!
    Question: I also rolled a Skuld but am stuck between trying to make a Skuld vs. Awoken Lakshmi team. Which one should I aim for?

    Subs: Hatsume, Siegfried, Nut, Famiel, I&I, Amon, Water Wiz Sharon, Beast Rider, Lakshmi/Skuld depending on who leads. What’s your opinion. I don’t have any of the best subs like Andro or U&Y


    • Yeah, I noticed that the KR update went out right after I posted. I’m pretty hyped.

      I’m all about ideal teams so my opinion is skewed, but if I had to choose one I think Awoken Lakshmi is probably the better path to go. Luckily there’s a lot of sub overlap so you’re not far from a Skuld team if you roll a good B/G sub later. The core subs for the Lakshmi team would be Hatsume and Skuld, then you could fill the rest of the team with some non-REM subs like Kamui, Berry Dragon and/or Amberjack. Amberjack + Famiel isn’t as good as Amberjack + Karin, but that’s not a bad combo to consider.


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