NA PAD Mario Event


And don’t forget, there’s an increased chance to receive Puzzle & Dragons Z monsters at the Rare Egg Machine until 5/28!

Thank you, GungHo, thank you………………….

2.5x skill ups never again. At least there’s a chance my wish of double new descends and new uevos may come to pass.


4 thoughts on “NA PAD Mario Event

  1. Hey! Where did you find out about confirmation about the New Ult Evos? I couldn’t find it in the posts. The two mystery are most likely the two descends you predicted. Just wondering about Ult Evo. I don’t want to get my hopes up Q.Q


    • There is no official confirmation. Just wanted to be optimistic and not misleading. I’ll change the wording.

      There’s only circumstantial evidence that NA will get the uevos and it wouldn’t surprise me if they got delayed longer, especially since there hasn’t been any announcement for EU yet either.

      To be further depressing, there’s no confirmation that the 2nd mystery event will be a 2nd descend as it could easily be the snow globe present dungeon EU got or, even worse, the PADZ collab. The quote “To commemorate this launch, we’re holding a special in-game event full of free goodies, a new Descended Dungeon…” doesn’t bode well, especially since descended is referred to in singular (although GungHo NA isn’t renowned for their great spelling or grammar).

      But I’ll remain hopeful.


      • That’s true. Diagoldos wasn’t in the last monster update so the second ?????? may just be something else. Hoping it’s a Globe Dragon cause I need the exp for my second Verdandi I rolled last GF 🙂 I’m probably the number 1 person who visits your blog, but keep up the good work. It’s a nice refresh from all the “Waifus” screaming fanboys on PADx


        • I think Diagoldos was in the update before that, which makes it even more baffling as to why they’ve waited so long to release the new descends. Sigh. I just hope they’re smart enough to stay on schedule for the awoken Egyptians and release Sphinx early (as Zeus & Hera and Kaguya come after Diagoldos and Sonia Gran).

          And I’m glad you like the blog! Thank you for the encouraging words.


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