Awoken Parvati and Lakshmi First Impressions

I went full hype mode this morning: woke up, immediately evoed my Parvati and Lakshmi and took them for a spin in Endless. I was very, very impressed. Lakshmi was about as good as I had imagined, but Parvati was better than expected. I thought she would lag behind Lakshmi due to issues I had with her sub pool — mostly synergy — but it turns out not everything needs TPA awakenings when you do gorillions with just the base 25x.

These screenshots should give you a good idea of how much damage they do. That’s a +297 Liu Bei doing 4+ million with three TPA matches and an entire Lakshmi team with single digit +eggs doing about 2 million each with three row matches; both without any damage enhancement active. Don’t forget about the impressive healing numbers, too. Granted, I haven’t taken them into a real dungeon yet — today’s descend is Kanetsugu… why… — so there’s still much I have to discover about their teams, but at first glance these girls are amazing and should be able to take on most content.

Now I have to decide where to go from here. I don’t think I’m going to devote any +eggs specifically for Parvati. While she’s quite good, Verdandi can take care of things until the next hotness, Awoken Bastet, hits NA.

As for Lakshmi, I’d like to devote +eggs to her team eventually. I have +297s waiting for Perseus, Bastet and probably Osiris, but after that I’m thinking I should be good to start working on Lakshmi. I just really like the way her team plays and the time extends really help a poor puzzler like me. And I’ll just add in that it’d be nice to have a team of mostly females.

I was considering doing some more in-depth analysis here, but I’ll save that for later once I get more experience with them. I may do a video or two as well.