Uses for Diagoldos

1879 - Armored Blade Dragon, DiagoldosDiagoldos is significant for a single reason: he marks the end of a string of generally useless descended boss drops. After Diagoldos, descended bosses are generally more useful than the standard fare: Sonia Gran, Zeus & Hera, Kaguya, Sphinx, Aamir, and Zhou Yu are all far better than what we’ve gotten used to. Consider that this is without the help of a uevo and there’s much to be excited about. In the mean time we have to make do with what we’re given, so let’s try to figure out where Unimpressive Dragon X could possibly fit.

tl;dr he’s complete garbage; this is just a test run for analyzing the other aforementioned descended bosses.

A Fire Monster That Makes Light Orbs?

Right off the bat we’re slapped in the face with this contradiction. How many single-color orb changers create elemental orbs that don’t match their main element? I don’t plan on delving into the monster database too deeply, but off the top of my head I can think of:

895 - Arcane Monarch, Vampire Duke

Yeah, not much company. After all, a monster that create orbs it can’t take full advantage of itself doesn’t make a lot of sense with our current meta. The fact that this is such a rarity makes me think that GungHo had some greater plan for him; a plan that they apparently abandoned.

Aren’t Orb Enhance Awakenings a Thing Now?

Diagoldos comes with equiped with Enhanced Fire OrbsEnhanced Light Orbs. While orb enhance awakenings are underrated, support akin to the new uevo Krishna and Sarasvati leader skills may change that quickly. Sadly, Diagoldos will never see the light of day on a Krishna team (or any team, for that matter). The desperate would fall back on running Theurgia before even considering our sad dragon.

Maybe He Was a Plant for Ars Nova? Amaterasu? Thor?

1557 - Dancing Flame, Amaterasu OhkamiI guess he could be a consideration for any light-based attacker team, but considering how poor their current support is, namely the lack of a 5-turn orb changer, Diagoldos isn’t solving any problems. At best he’s plugging a hole on a long sunken ship; considering that NA will likely not get Cloud, there isn’t much hope for light attacker teams.

What About Ilum?

1951 - 創書の白幻魔・イルムWe’re starting to get at least a little warm with this one. Diagoldos’s orb generation interacts well with Ilum’s Sonia-esque R/L board change. Presuming use on a light-focused team, Diagoldos can take a fire-heavy Ilum board and make it light-heavy by replacing some fire orbs with light. He’s actually not horrible here, but considering Ilum isn’t type- or element-restricted there isn’t much reason for a seasoned or IAP-boosted player to use him over the myriad of other choices; ones with relevant awakenings, for instance.

Does He Have Any Use as a Leader?

Nope. His 65% reduction at full HP makes him a poor version of GOdin, a leader that isn’t exactly high in demand right now.

We Just Took a Roundabout Path to Concluding What We Already Knew:

That he’s pretty much garbage. The main reasons to enter his dungeon are for the stone, jewel farming and when he likely becomes an evo mat in the future (if for an awoken uevo, I’m already cringing at the awakenings they would inherit from him). You’re more likely to farm his descend for skill ups for your Berry Dragon than for himself.

Diagoldos certainly isn’t the worst descended drop — I think that honor goes to Mephisto — but the fact that he generates off-color orbs takes him from being a poor but usable orb changer to exp fodder. However, appreciating his shortcomings allows us to better receive the gifts of the future, namely each descended boss from here on out (I’m particularly looking forward to Kaguya). I’ll be sure to write about those; hopefully it will be a more interesting analysis than this one.