Meimei System

This may be old news for some of you, but now that I’ve seen it… I must have it.


These dupes don’t look so bad anymore. Being a 5-star godfest exclusive, Zuo shouldn’t be too difficult to obtain. I don’t want to think about the Woodpy farming, though.


6 thoughts on “Meimei System

    • Yeah, I’m surprised and pleased at how powerful the CD reduction ability is turning out. I’d want the FF collab to come to NA regardless, but now I just want their actives to be available on our server. Even outside of a system team, the ability is amazing.


  1. So post pcgf I have 4 meimeis and a bastet now which i read could be a leader for meimei system. Unfortunately in 2 days of trying since I found your blog I haven’t been able to find any meimei system videos with a bastet lead, so I was wondering if you knew of any? Or have I been misled about bastet lol


    • I’d say the strict definition of a -system in PAD is having an orb change up every turn — like for the Rei Sirius- or Cloud systems — for true ezmode. Thus Bastet doesn’t technically qualify, but her leading the team instead of Zuo is still about as ezmode as it gets which is why I mentioned her as a stand-in. Seeing as we probably won’t be getting the awoken Egyptians this update, when NA gets either is still up in the air. We may very well get Zuo first.


  2. I suddenly feel so blessed to have 5 meimeis….This is going down in my long term goals for sure.


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