Weekly Roundup 16


The Past Week:

Next Week and Beyond:

  • The PCGF voting ended and we should be getting it at the end of the month, if previous iterations are anything to go by. I won’t be rolling.
  • NA still has one more mystery event starting on the 29th. I’m still hoping for Sonia Gran, which will likely end in disappointment.
  • Speaking of Sonia Gran, I remember JP getting one of each Py as a reward for Max Murai 0-stoning the dungeon. After watching the clusterfuck that was the last NA stream, I’m convinced we’ll never, ever get anything good.
  • The Krishna and Sarasvati uevos were released on JP. It appears the enhanced orb clause of their leader skill requires a match of exactly 5  orbs with at least one enhanced orb, meaning you can’t overlap that match with a row. While perhaps not as good as imagined, I’ll wait for more out of Japan before passing judgment.
  • I don’t expect any new uevo announcements this week — maybe some art — but I wouldn’t mind being wrong. Didn’t the uevo survey just end? It’d be cool if they announced the results.