Farming Green Sprite

Here are the results of farming Perseus’s survey dungeon: Green Sprite.

Green Sprite – Master
Bonus Runs Stamina Stones
2x 54 2160 7
Green Fairy
Bonus Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop
2x 42 0.78 51.43 48 0.89 45.00

Nothing to complain about. For consistency, here are the results of my associated Emelit farming:

Dungeon of Wood – Forest Dragon 1/2 Stamina
Monster Runs Stam Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop
Emelit 86 258 39 0.45 6.62

One of the best drop rates I’ve had. Granted, I didn’t need to farm quite as many as I did for other fairies as I previously farmed Friday dungeon to stock up on spirits of all elements. I should have enough Topalits stocked up for whenever we get the Wukong dungeon that I won’t have to farm intro dungeons again… hopefully.

After max skilling 2x each of Pandora, Yamato Takeru, Andromeda, and now Perseus, there really isn’t much of a stamina difference, but I’d still recommend farming intro dungeons over the Friday dungeon for your spirits. It’s possible to save significant stamina by collecting all the spirit types through Friday and sitting on them, but I find it hard to justify committing box space for months on end even if you have plenty to spare. However, farming intro dungeons is very time consuming and sometimes frustrating, so if that’s bothering you it should be fine to farm Friday too. It really comes down to personal preference.