Weekly Roundup 17


The Past Week:

Next Week and Beyond:

  • Can NA expect new uevos this week? I really hope we at least get Goemon. The Egypt 1 awoken uevos are probably a stretch, but I’d love to be proven otherwise.
  • So JP announced a lot of shit during the GungHo Fes stream. Of all the collabs, Batman is the only one NA is “likely” to get, but I’m still very excited for it. In addition to the split uevos, I’m hoping they revamp both the REM and dungeon.
  • What I’m most excited for out of JP is uevo Dark Izanami. I actually love her character design — I have a weakness for traditional Japanese-styled clothes with exposed shoulders — but more importantly one of the best descend drops has a chance to become one of the best overall monsters in the game.
  • I find it suspicious that Sakuya is the only one that had art ready, which makes me think they already had plans for her uuevo which means JP goofed again on their voting a la Lu Bu.