EU 7.8.1 Update – Best Friends

EU just got a slew of system updates that brings them from about 4 months behind JP to about one month behind. Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself considering the last update fiasco, but it’s reasonable to expect these updates on NA after the maintenance on Wednesday; if not, then soon after. While uevo Goemon and all the QoL updates are quite welcome and exciting, the update with the greatest impact on your everyday playing could be the best friend system. If you’re familiar with the system you probably already have a decent idea of who you want to add — you can read the EU patch notes if you’re not — but here’s some criteria I’m using that you might consider as well:

  • Rare leads – Friends with rare leaders that you regularly use should be given a higher priority. There’s really no problem finding enough hypermax LKalis or RSonias or Verdandis to fill your friends list, but something like Nephthys or GGY are much harder to find. Personally, I’m looking for someone with Awoken Lakshmi; while not exactly rare, I haven’t been able to add as many as I would’ve liked. I don’t think Awoken Bastet will be all that rare, but she’s a strong consideration too.
  • Farming leads – For IAPers, this is probably the best use of your best friend as you can use them all day; perfect for farming. Now you won’t have to reset your friends list during Star Vault or Extreme King farming runs. Some are more obscure than others, but some good farming leads to consider are:
    • ROdin
    • Superman
    • Vritra
    • Goemon
    • LFagan
    • DFagan
  • In for the long haul – Since you can’t reset your best friend once set — although judging from JP you’ll have the opportunity to send additional requests in the future — your preferred friend would ideally play for years to come; or at least as long as you do. You can’t really predict this, but someone that is already well invested in the game is more likely to keep playing. I’ve removed countless friends of rank 200 or less due to inactivity but have yet to remove anyone 400+.
  • Being actual friends – So you can request leader switches outside of in-game mail. While most best friends would likely accommodate leader requests through in-game mail, I find it slow and unreliable.
  • Rank doesn’t matter – Due to the nature of the system, your friend will be available to you for 24 hours after their last activity regardless of their rank. It shouldn’t be a problem to best friend someone well above your rank.