Making Sense of Awoken Haku

2076 - Awoken Haku

Haku is one of best all around monsters in the game, but her awoken uevo initially left many, including myself, bewildered; what did GungHo intend for us to do with her? She doesn’t have strong synergy with any of dark’s existing themes and is pretty much relegated to sub duty for element- and type-agnostic leads like Okuninushi or Anubis. While she may not be the godsend many hoped for, this is mainly because her D/D form already fulfills that role. It isn’t fair to pass judgment within that lofty context and expect something better. It’s a waste of time comparing her to her old self — which most will still use in favor of her awoken form anyways — as there is very little overlap. Instead let’s try to pinpoint the strengths of her new form.

1748 - Awoken HadesThe monster Awoken Haku most resembles is Awoken Hades. While Hades will probably never make the discussion of most powerful monsters in the game, I also don’t believe there are many that would consider him weak. Like Haku, he has a leader skill that resists specific elements and was given TPA awakenings in an element that has little use for them. As a leader, he’s best at cheesing dungeons like God Rush. As a sub, he best fits on a combo team like Durga and is a solid if underwhelming choice for any devil team. Outside of being a devil, Haku can fulfill similar roles to Hades and I think it’s fair to say we can use him as a baseline for establishing Haku’s worth. However, I’d argue that Haku is just stronger overall.

As a leader, Haku’s power really starts to become apparent. Her leader skill elemental resists — dark, fire and water — line up well again most Challenge Dungeon Lv10s, her 12.25x ATK multiplier is much stronger than the Greco-Romans’ 6.25x and the cooldown reduction clause of her active opens up several possibilities, namely with chaining damage reduction actives like Baggi, Phoenix Rider and Dark Izanami. Here’s an example I found from a cursory search on YouTube:

However, this really isn’t a specific strength of Haku, but of the awoken Chinese in general. Aside from the elements she resists, does Haku stand out from her sisters in any other way?

We don’t know Karin’s types yet, but Leilan and Meimei are both physical/attacker. As a lead, Haku’s god/healer typing is much stronger as her higher RCV synergizes better with damage reduction. Her sisters may have better max HP, but Haku can still tank a Divine Queen Hera preemptive — Leilan can’t — and even has the RCV to heal back from it. Ultimately, all the awoken Chinese will be situational leaders, but Haku seems to be particularly well positioned.

1300 - Roaming National Founder, OkuninushiWhat about her uses as a sub? Sadly, I can’t think of too many. A “Haku System” will be limited by her lack of a second skill boost, mainly being constrained by what leaders can effectively use it while also enabling it’s use on turn one. Zaerog Infinity is a possibility, but the lack of Vegita synergy on NA hurts (although Hanzo should be fine…). It’s still quite strong, but Zaerog seems very strong even without Haku:

We already know that her typing and TPAs just don’t have much synergy in dark. She’ll be a house for Okuninushi and Nephthys, giving them both a huge RCV boost to boot. She’s good on Anubis too, but she’s completely overshadowed by uevo DKali in the same role. Sadly she’s not very good on other dark combo teams like Durga and Sephiroth.

I think we’ve established that Awoken Haku isn’t amazing, but that’s mainly due to the context of her abilities. Her raw power is still quite high, mainly fueled by that ridiculous active. It’s impossible to know what GungHo is going to do in the future, but I’d be surprised if they didn’t release at least a few updates that directly upped her value. For now her D/D form is the way to go, but it will be a good idea to keep Awoken Haku in mind as new dark monsters are released.


6 thoughts on “Making Sense of Awoken Haku

  1. Thank you for the analysis! I enjoyed reading about different uses for A. Haku. I had the same initial reaction to her release since I enjoy my D/D Haku. I do like the fact that A. Haku is a healer since there are not many strong Dark Healers in the game. With the new release though, I do have a couple questions I’m hoping you could give me advice on:

    1. I got a Bastet from PCGF (my luck with wood is a godsend) and I’m comparing her to my Verdandi and my Awoken Parvati. Would A. Bastet be a good sub on these teams despite not having as much synergy in terms of active? If I made an A. Bastet team (I still am meh with combos), can you tell me good subs since I know you’ve been waiting for A. Bastet for a while.

    2. I am also looking for other diverse team styles to try and I’m caught between Rainbow and Combo leads. I have Okuni and Anubis but I think Anubis is too high skill for me. With that said, I have enough materials to either do A. Horus or A. Anubis. Which do you think I should invest my time in? I feel like A. Anubis would be a strong lead (if I can pull it off) and a good sub now that his skill CD is reduced in awoken form. Meanwhile, A. Horus is a good leader, but as a sub I only find the Awakenings useful. I’m just trying to find an alt team for dungeons that stack on Fire since my Wood teams tend to struggle due to weakness at times.

    3. How did you learn to combo more efficiently? I’m assuming you can since you’re hype about A. Bastet. Did you just practice on Endless or did you watch videos/tutorials?

    Sorry for bombarding you with questions!


    • I love PAD questions and would gladly answer any that you have, time permitting. I’m going to try to keep my responses as concise as possible to conserve space (and this reply still managed to get quite long). If you’d like me to elaborate, just let me know and I’ll gladly do so!

      1. Bastet is an average sub for both Verdandi and Parvati. Her main value lies in her two time extend awakenings whose value rises the worse at comboing you are. That being said, you’d much rather have access to orb changers.

      The good news is Bastet, Verdandi and Parvati all share a similar sub pool. For Bastet in particular, good subs are: Liu Bei, Verdandi, Meimei, Perseus, Osiris, GValk, Sasuke, etc. Pretty much the standard wood fare with emphasis on time extends and quick actives. The nice thing about Bastet is that Liu Bei isn’t essential for the end game like he is for Verdandi.

      2. Anubis is the type of lead where you just have to make the commitment. If any doubts or concerns weigh on your mind, I’d pass on him. In my case a) I’m not good enough, b) I’m not going to commit the time to get better, mainly because c) there’s no need for his ridiculous multiplier anymore.

      Horus is quite strong, but I’ve avoided rainbow leads since I’m not good enough to activate while also clearing unwanted orbs. You mentioned Okuninushi who is quite strong and unless you just want the pure power of Horus, I’d give Okuni strong consideration. Of course this depends on your sub pool for both.

      As subs, I think both Anubis and Horus have their niche uses, but I wouldn’t really let that factor into my decision either way.

      3. I’m not very good at comboing, I do enough to just get by. I’m excited about Bastet because I want to get better. All of the time extends you can stack on her team — about 3 extra seconds-worth — will hopefully serve as good training wheels, but may ultimately just be a crutch. I’m excited regardless.

      There are many good combo primer videos, but I found this one covers all the tricks I gleaned from watching other people’s playthrough video:


      • Thanks so much for the informative response! Especially for that video, which is long but a good guide (if only I can pull it off). I find myself in the same boat as you in terms of Rainbow leads. I play DQXQ on a noob Jap account and that seems to be the best I can do as a crutch since she plays with Hearts. I do have a few more questions in response.

        1. I can see how Liu Bei is more essential for Verdandi than Bastet, but I was wondering your reasoning behind it. I know Liu Bei’s red typing helps with Verdandi’s health pool. Is it also because Bastet already has a high multiplier so extra TPA’s arn’t as needed compared to Verdandi’s 10x? I understand the conclusion, just wondering about other reasons.

        2. Horus has a much wider sub pool than Okuni due to the God/Devil plus Rainbow typing. But for Okuni, what subs do you recommend? Would subs that focus on orb change be better than those with time extends? Right now, my Dark Kali and D/D Haku looks to be great subs for Okuni. Last two was pretty open to A. Anubis (2 time extend and lower CD orb change) and Yomi. I have other darks, but I was just wondering your idea of optimal subs for Okuni. If I have them, I rather invest in Okuni because getting better with him = getting better with Bastet.

        Thanks for your insight!


        • I know what you mean about that video, I had to watch it in 2x and it was still too long.

          1. Your reasoning for Liu Bei on both teams is spot on. I’ll personally be running Liu Bei on Bastet, though, if only to provide breathing room when I inevitably screw up a combo.

          2. Sadly I haven’t done much research on Okuni so I can’t really speculate what his ideal subs are. I’d say most of the ones you mentioned are great choices. I’d aim for an even split between orb changers and time extends. You want enough dark orbs to burst when you have to. I’d imagine Pandora is quite good, fulfilling both roles. Dark Izanami is a great utility choice. If you’re comfortable dabbling in fire, Kagutsuchi and RSonia are also fine choices. I know Dubby runs a dragon theme on his Okuni team which seems quite strong:


  2. Watched that Okuni video and I am just in awe. His cascading skills are amazing. Sometimes he preps 3 steps in and I don’t notice it until it happens. Yeah…lol can’t do that just yet. Watched the full 30 min combo guide, but still a struggle for me practicing in Endless. Well I guess these things take time. Thanks so much for the information! In the meantime, I’ll be working on getting my monsters up to par.


    • Yeah, Dubby is a god. His vid demonstrates, however, that Okuni teams can be built many different ways. Hopefully you can find one that suits your playstyle and box. Good luck with your teams!


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