Skill Up Log – Sandalphon


Monster Tries Success Rate
Sandalphon 50 10 20.00%

Fitting that I finished him off literally minutes before GungHo posted NA is getting 2.5x skill ups again.

These skill ups were a labor of love. I painstakingly farmed and stored Sandalphons for almost two months, waiting for the next 2.5x skill up event that seemingly would never come. Impatience got the best of me and I decided to pull the trigger, especially since Sandalphon descended today so I could farm any missing skill ups. Damn. At least 20% is nothing to complain about. Now it’s time to put the finishing touches on my Awoken Venus team.

inb4 uevo Sandalphon announced with a new skill.

Oh yeah, my current rate under 2x bonus is 790/4152 or 19.03%. I ran pretty hot to get back above 19%, but it doesn’t look like I’ll ever come close to 20% again. Over 4000 attempts… these things really add up quickly.