Skill Up Log – LKali & DKali

Monster Tries Success Rate
DKali 30 5 16.67%
LKali 10 5 50.00%
Total 40 10 25.00%

It’s nice that the evo mat skill rotation coincides with the 2.5x skill up event. I was finally able to unload all those worthless devilits that had been accumulating in my box over the months and even got a second max skilled LKali with minimal attempts. Unfortunately, I don’t plan on using these ladies any time soon, but there may come a day when I take the plunge on color matching leads.

It’s tempting to farm more evo mat skill ups since we have 2.5x, but I’m going to have to conserve my stones for the Hello Kitty collab (I’m planning on doing some token rolls even though I don’t particularly need anything; gotta feed the addiction). Although I may finally get around to skilling up an Apocalypse.


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