Skill Up Log – Apocalypse


Monster Tries Success Rate
Apocalypse 13 6 46.15%

I was prepared to spend all three of GungHo’s compensation stones on Apocalypse skill ups, but thanks to 2.5x and some luck, I only needed to spend one.

Apocalypse is often regarded as one of the worst godfest exclusives, but he’s quite a good sub. It’s just a shame that he’s on a 10-turn cooldown instead of 9. The awoken Chinese don’t help his perception, either. I don’t have much immediate use for him, but he’ll likely be a part of any Awoken Venus teams that I use and a consideration for my Athena farming team over Meimei depending on the dungeon. He may permanently take Meimei’s spot once I change her to her awoken form.