Meimei System – Woodpy 11 of 16

This one took about 4000 stamina to get. I think I’m done farming Woodpys for now. It feels strange to say it, but the stress from wondering when the next drop is going to come is too much for me to take. I’ll pin my hopes on getting the rest from Challenge Dungeon rewards.

The other option is to wait until the wood Spirit Jewel is updated to skill up Awoken Meimei. This would be the sane option, potentially saving some Pys, but it took JP over a month to get that change; who knows how long it will be until NA gets it. Speaking of updates, it also took JP two weeks between Awoken Meimei’s release to her active being upgraded to a 9-turn cooldown. Considering these updates, I think there will be plenty of time to get the rest of the Pys from Challenge Dungeons, if we get one every event from now on.