Challenge Dungeons 8 Brainstorming

It’s been so long since we had our last Challenge Dungeons that I’ve fallen out of the habit of preparing for them and feel far behind. With them starting on Monday, I’ll mostly have to make due with what I have. I was looking forward to using my Beelzebub team again, but the dark binds in Lv10 and 9 are looking to prevent that. It’ll be up to Verdandi to pick up the slack.


This Lv10 smacks you right in the face with everything that makes Lv10 obnoxious, leading off with DQ Hera’s preemptive followed up by Beelzebub’s preemptive full-board poison. I’d try with my Beelzebub team, but Athena on the third floor seems impossible to deal with due to the 10-turn dark bind. If there was a good way to get past that, the rest of the dungeon seems doable, but not enough of a sure thing to commit the stone to clear the bind.

Maybe a better way to address this dungeon is with some kind of awoken Greco-Roman team. However, I found a Verdandi 0-stone video that gives me hope I can do it with her. I don’t have the Freyja like the video does, but I’m hoping GZL will do the trick (the main difference being he’ll get hit by Athena’s 10-turn dark bind). I’m still willing to stone once or twice just for the Py.

For those looking for ideas for their own team, here’s a YouTube link for Challenge 8 in Japanese. You can narrow the search further by limiting the time to about three months ago.


This dungeon has all my most hated dragons, this time three in a row starting on floor 3: Threedia, DFagan and Defoud. Once again, Sakuya’s dark bind makes using Beelzebub almost impossible (it might be worth trying to brute force my way through the preemptive blind, though). This leaves me with Verdandi who looks more than capable of finishing this dungeon off, but it will be a huge a pain in the ass. I’m thinking I’ll bring Susano in my flex spot to stall out on DFagan and reload for Defoud after unloading on Threedia. I’m imagining a lot of stamina being used to clear this through trial and error.

An awoken Greco-Roman team is also an option, but I’d like to try and clear it with a real team first.


Lv8, on the other hand, I have no qualms with using an awoken Greco-Roman team. With Zeus Vulcan out of the picture, my Ceres team will once again have free reign.


It’s good to finally reach a level that seems easy. This is the only level I feel 100% obligated to clear as I need the Woodpy for my Meimei system. I’m hoping Verdandi will make quick work of this.


4 thoughts on “Challenge Dungeons 8 Brainstorming

  1. Question: You seem dead set in using Pys to skill A Meimei. Why not jewels? They’re set to skill up Awoken Chinese instead of regular in JP, are you just wanting the system faster, or just anticipating terrible luck?


    • I’m not dead set on actually using Pys, but I do want to have them on hand if it comes to it. It took several weeks from the release of Awoken Meimei to her getting her active cooldown reduced to the jewels being changed to awoken skill ups. Considering NA’s poor reputation in actually giving us on schedule updates who knows how long that could take. I’d prefer to save the Pys I’ve farmed for future awoken uevos, assuming there are any, but that depends on my patience. Right now I’m leaning towards getting the system up and running ASAP and thus want the Pys on hand to have that option.


  2. Have you thought about a Awoken Parvati x Osiris pairing? With fully hypermax team, Awoken Parvati, Verdandi, Verdandi, Liu Bei, Awoken Ceres, Osiris gives you 32105 hp, enough to tank hera preempt. You also get 8708 RCV. You will need to combo 6+ anyway to do enough damage so activating Osiris’ attack boost on LS should come naturally. When you don’t match 5 or more heal orbs the team’s attack is 8.75x but with match of 5 or more heart orbs you can get a 17.5x attack. This is equal to Verdandi x Verdandi at 100% hp plus a Freyja active. So making hearths with verdandi and parvati will double as a damage booster. Double verdandi is for the 2 poison boards on beelzebub, but you might get lucky and parvati’s 20% poison resist might kick in. You also get a finger awakening which is very helpful for 6 combo. You could also replace liu bei with another heartmaker like perseus or michael for more survivability.


    • I thought about Parvati and Osiris, but not together. The team sounds really good. I’m still looking into possible teams, but I’ll definitely keep this in mind. Thanks!


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