Skill Up Log – Fruit Dragons

Monster Tries Success Rate
Strawberry Dragon 20 6 30.00%
Berry Dragon 15 6 40.00%
Melon Dragon 15 5 33.33%
Lemon Dragon 10 5 50.00%
Total 60 22 36.67%

I waffled all week on committing the stamina to skill up my Fruit Dragons, but 2.5x skill up rates made it too tempting and I gave in to the 2x drop rates. It’s unlikely that I’ll ever actually use these guys in their current form. I’ve considered recording some descendeds using only farmable subs and if I ever follow through with it, these guys will likely be high on the list.

Just to note, I had a few skill ups here and there from REM dupes and already max skilled my Grape Dragon via Zeus Mercury Shieldras.

I won’t be making an accompanying drop rate post for this as everything is 100% drop rate on 2x. As for the distributions of the drops, I didn’t keep track of what dropped from where so it’s not worth sharing that data, either.