Skill Up Log – Sun Wukong & DQXQ

Monster Tries Success Rate
Sun Wukong 15 5 33.00%
Sun Wukong (2) 23 5 21.73%
Xiao Qiao 10 3 30.00%
Mini DQXQ 20 5 25.00%
DQXQ 20 5 25.00%
Total 88 23 26.14%

With Light Sprite finished, I’m now done with with every Chaser and Fairy dungeon — and it feels quite good. With the awoken Chinese incoming and not much reason to have more than two, let alone one, of each Hero max skilled it’s fairly safe to say I’m done with these two skill up types forever. That’s not to say it gets any easier from here on out — the Bowl Dragons require Chaser-like materials… ugh — but I somehow feel accomplished and complete.

I’ve said this before, but 2.5x just feels right, not having too many 0-fer-5s and having enough 2-fer-5s or better to actually feel rewarding. Maybe I’ve been held captive by 2x rates for too long, conditioned to be overly grateful for this paltry 5% boost, but even if that’s the case I still want 2.5x as much as possible, to the point that I can take it for granted (and whine about not having an even larger bonus).