Weekly Roundup 19


The Past Week:

Next Week and Beyond:

  • Challenge Dungeons.
  • Dark (Black?) Bowl Dragon is coming. Now that I know DIza’s skill doesn’t change due to her uevo, I think it’s time to finally skill her up. The question is whether to do a second one. With 2.5x still active during 2x drop, I think now is the time.
  • Now NA has to endure the rest of an event that has nothing new of note outside the Pandora skill up dungeon. Thanks for the stones, I guess? Sigh. I mean, events are good, but I feel like this two-parter is only delaying us further as far as the descended and uevo schedule.
  • As for JP, I’d really like to see Awoken Karin, but with the Duel Masters Collab starting in a week, they will probably spend this week showing off the collab REM.
  • Speaking of Duel Masters, I was surprised JP wasn’t getting the Batman Collab before it. After a cursory Google search, it appears Arkham Knight doesn’t release in Japan until mid-July whereas NA gets it on June 23rd. Will NA get content before JP? It’s a nice dream, but I’m not counting on it.
  • What are the chances NA could get the Duel Masters Collab? After all, the (now defunct?) card game was created by Wizards of the Coast. I really don’t know the state of the IP though, nor does it seem relevant to try to promote it in the NA so, sadly, it doesn’t seem likely.

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