Hypermax Osiris and Ceres, Lv10 0-Stone Clear

On impulse, I decided to delay the development of my water teams and went all in on wood, hypermaxing Osiris and Ceres. The reasoning behind Osiris was that he’s a great lead, will likely be a regular sub on my Awoken Bastet team and can pair with any wood lead to give the team a good HP and RCV boost. He’ll also serve as good practice until Awoken Bastet comes out (hopefully sooner than later). As for Ceres, I use her so much at this point it was inevitable that she’d get hypermaxed. Still my favorite art in the game, but Awoken Leilan is close.

I’m proud while not so proud of my my Lv10 clear. On one hand, I proved to myself I could consistently make 6+ combos over the course of a full dungeon, especially when it counted. On the other hand, not only did it take many, many tries to finally get the 0-stone, but on my successful run I feel I got very lucky with the heart drops. From my experience with Beelzebub, tank teams generally need to get lucky with heart drops to clear Lv10, but if I comboed even better it would’ve minimized this risk. It will take quite a bit of practice to get to that level, if I ever do, so I’ll take what I get.

I want to thank acx for giving me the idea of running Osiris + Parvati leads. While that ultimately wasn’t the team I used to clear it, I did attempt the dungeon a few good times with it and got very close. It just so happened I had a hypermax Osiris friend up but no more Parvatis. I think that team is more than capable of clearing the dungeon, though, especially if it had a better pilot. Without his input, though, I probably wouldn’t have gone through with hypermaxing the Osiris.

In my euphoria I didn’t get a screenshot of the clear screen, so the kill shot is going to have to be good enough proof for this one. I also don’t see myself recording any Lv10s in the near future; I choke enough as it is without the added pressure of trying to perform for the camera. Maybe someday I’ll have enough confidence.

For those curious, I wrote some brief notes for the things I watched out for when clearing Lv10 with this team. This is mainly for my own records, but there’s a small chance you could find it useful if you’re using a similar team:

  1. After surviving the Hera preemptive, you need to stall a bit to make sure Verdandi is up for the Beelzebub preemptive. A good combo or two should knock her down bellow 50%, activating her 5-turn god bind. Having 6 hearts here is obviously good to clear some of the bind, but you can’t count on it since you have to heal every turn and probably couldn’t store any. Hopefully you haven’t had to use Ceres for the heal yet and can use her to clear the last three bind turns to get Osiris’s HP and RCV boost back. It’s possible to live through the entire bind, but you have to get lucky with the hearts. Once she uses her 99% gravity, you have one try to finish her off before her nuke. You also have to heal a bit in order to survive Beelzebub’s preemptive.
  2. Obviously use Verdandi on the Beelzebub preemptive. If you get a really juicy Verdandi board, or can jerry-rig one with a follow-up Osiris active, you can also use GZL in an attempt to one-shot him if you’re confident enough. Otherwise, be careful not to let him live with less than 50% HP as he’ll use his second full-board poison which this team isn’t prepared to deal with. You’ll want to get him as close to 50% as possible, then use Liu Bei + GZL to finish him off.
  3. You’re cleared about 75% of the dungeon if you reach here. Athena hits like a truck, but if you get lucky heart drops you should be able to buy yourself enough time. On the first turn you want to get her under 90% to get her to use her status shield and buy yourself a free turn. PDX says she uses a 100% heal under 50%, but I didn’t get that in my successful run for whatever reason. I got her pretty close to 30% HP — just before her nuke range — then finished her off with a fortunate wood-laden board + Osiris.
  4. I guess I got lucky, but RSonia never used her bind attack on me. I whittled her down while healing and when I couldn’t keep up with the incoming damage I used Verdandi + GZL to punch through the rest of her fire HP. Once she turns dark, it should be trivial to get her under 30% HP where she’ll give you a free turn trying to summon Wangren, giving you plenty of time to finish her off.
  5. You should be able to stall for all skills on Meph, just don’t get overzealous with your combos and accidentally hit him too hard, skyfall willing, of course. The blind is quite annoying, but not that bad to stall through since you still know where the hearts are. Feel free to use Ceres to deal with the god bind at 75% HP. He gives you a free turn to at 40% HP so be sure to take advantage of it. Hopefully you have all your actives ready when you finish him off, but using an Osiris active to make sure he’s dead should be fine.
  6. The worst floor for this team, but since all your actives are up you can make quick work of her. Similar to RSonia, I whittled her down and when my healing couldn’t keep up, I popped Verdandi + GZL. This put her under 50%, activating her Dublit Mirror and giving myself a free turn. Osiris has more than enough HP to tank the incoming 32k Ur Fever!! attacks, but you don’t want to dick around since you’re so close to winning. You should be at full HP after the Verdandi board change, so you have at least two turns to finish her off from here. I popped Liu Bei and Osiris immediately after the Verdandi turn, which got her down to about 5% HP, then on the subsequent turn popped my remaining Osiris to ensure her death.

General tips:

  • Use Ceres for her 30 heal whenever you’re in doubt. The binds in this dungeon aren’t a big deal.
  • Use Osiris’s column change generously as you have two of them and they are on a 4-turn cooldown. Be aggressive and pair them with Liu Bei or Verdandi if it will get you the third or fourth TPA.
  • If you’re uncertain whether you can hit 6 combos on a given board, give priority to matching the hearts you need. You may not do any damage, but you’ll at least still get a big heal in.
  • If you can’t deal with Beelzebub’s poison board, use an Osiris active and see if you get lucky. You can hide an additional 4 poison orbs behind the Osiris wood column if you think it’ll give you a better chance. You’ll almost certainly die anyways, but it’s worth a shot.

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