Weekly Roundup 20


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  • I have 305 stones prepared for the PAD Academy REM. I’m scared. I’m planning to post a video of my rolls, if I didn’t kill myself first, that is.
  • I think PAD Academy all but seals the deal that NA won’t be getting the Batman Collab before JP. Not that there was any chance of it happening, anyways. It does bother me that we’ll be getting it several weeks after the game’s NA release, assuming we get it at all.
  • I’m surprised we’re getting news of Awoken Karin this week considering the Duel Masters collab just started. I’m totally hyped for Karin’s stats. You got the art right, GungHo, don’t fuck up the stats, please. Uevo Vishnu when?

7 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 20

    • Well that’s a tragedy. The lack of a second skill boost is quite painful and makes any system-type teams a bit more difficult to make. Orb enhances also would’ve been nice in water, particularly with Sarasvati. Her types are also quite puzzling. I guess I’ll sleep on it and hopefully it looks better in the morning…


      • I was thinking they should’ve switched the types for Haku and Karin. That way Haku would be even better on Zaerog Infinity and Karin would still work on water healer teams (and Hera-Is; yes, I’m always looking for ways to make her more viable). At least now I’ll have no problems hypermaxing my smug Karin. Now sleep for real.


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