Meimei System – Woodpy 13 of 16


I’ve been testing out a Goemon and ROdin-based team to farm the alt. technicals. I don’t have the ROdins for a true speedfarming team, but even my crappy team clears the 7-floor dungeons pretty quick with minimal thinking. I know I’ve dissed the alt. technicals before, but there may be a good use for them yet.


4 thoughts on “Meimei System – Woodpy 13 of 16

    • I’ve been taking Goemon / ROdin / ROdin / RSonia / YamaTake / ROdin into the first floor of Liquid Flame. I started off with dual ROdin leads, but found I needed Goemon’s multiplier to consistently one-shot the boss floor with his board change. I’d love more ROdins to make things quicker, but this team’s speed isn’t bad.


      • You don’t need a defense break skill? I was thinking of running A.Goemon/Rodin/Rodin/Rodin/Rodin/Rodin but was worried rodins wouldn’t kill everything?


        • The ROdin poison will take care of any high defense monsters including Pys. Of course, the Goemon nuke for the 6th floor won’t, so you’ll have to work around that.


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