PAD Academy REM 2015.06.22 – 61 Rolls

Any sane man would not have rolled. Any reasonably sane man would’ve stopped. I’m clearly not either.

I added a roll breakdown after the break, particularly for those that don’t want to sit through 12 minutes of rolls.

The results were within reason of what could be expected from JP.

PAD Acacemy REM – 61 Rolls
Rarity Name # %
7-star Isis 0 3 0.00% 4.92%
Athena 2 3.28%
Lucifer 1 1.64%
6-star Chiyome 1 1 1.64% 1.64%
ROdin 0 0.00%
5-star Chester 2 10 3.28% 16.39%
Heroes 8 13.11%
4-star Isis 8 47 13.11% 77.05%
Amaterasu 7 11.48%
Heroes 32 52.46%

9 thoughts on “PAD Academy REM 2015.06.22 – 61 Rolls

      • What, six hours in a dungeon doesn’t sound fun to you? XD

        Also I finally got a Gravatar! Now you’ll be able to roll your eyes at my comments before actually reading them! Hope you don’t mind, but I tend to be somewhat vocal (read: post frequently) when following subjects that interest me, and I can be a little bit sarcastic and/or snarky…


        • I actually got my first LValk with a Luci team back in the day. I haven’t used him since 🙂

          Your comments are always welcome! I can be a bit dense/overly-serious at times so I apologize in advance if I misinterpret any of your sarcasm.


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