Meimei System – Woodpy 14 of 16

I’m definitely backpedaling on my negative stance towards alt. technicals. I’m getting significantly less +eggs, but that’s a small trade-off considering how easy these dungeons are to farm with a Goemon team. I can only imagine how trivial Py farming must be for those with 4 ROdins.

There’s some good reasons I should stop farming for Woodpys, at least for the Meimei system:

  • There’s likely to be at least one Challenge Dungeon before NA gets Awoken Meimei’s 9-turn cooldown buff, likely two or more.
  • There’s the possibility of getting some skill ups through the evolution due to a nice bug/feature in the evo system.
  • Most directly, there’s the update that makes the jewels skill up the awoken Chinese.
  • Antonio will surely win us some Pys!

I’ll probably keep on farming anyways. I see any extra/saved Pys as a bonus as there’s likely to be more many more things to feed them to in the future.