Analyzing Kaguya-Hime

1945 - Bamboo Cutter's Blossom, Kaguya-himeAt first glance, Kaguya doesn’t stand out that much: only three awakenings, mediocre active and leader skill. It’s not until you take the full package into consideration does she emerge as one of the best, most well-rounded descended drops to date. Her active and awakenings all synergize well with the current wood meta, particularly with Awoken Bastet. As a leader, she doesn’t supply the firepower or utility to take down the most difficult dungeons, but considering she wasn’t pushed as a leader, she’s still quite useful in that capacity. Kaguya makes me feel warm inside, thankful that GungHo is willing to release quality, farmable subs.

Shines as a (Bastet) Sub

2011 - Awoken Bastet1956 - Awoken Parvati1664 - God of Dark Riches, Osiris

Kaguya’s most obvious applications are as a sub. She’s been blessed with three extremely relevant awakenings: Two-Pronged Attack Skill Boost Extended Time. The TPA and skill boost are welcome on all relevant wood teams, but it’s the complementary time extend that really pushes her to coveted status. She’s obviously a great fit on Awoken Bastet, her four-turn active elevating their synergy. Parvati is another good fit as the time extend will help you assemble that five-heart, two+ TPA board for which four seconds isn’t always enough. She’s also great on Osiris; hell, just about every wood TPA team in existence. If you have a hole on your wood team, Kaguya is one of the best options to fill it.

One of wood’s biggest weaknesses is that its quality subs have mediocre HP and Kaguya is no exception, but wood also isn’t doing too well with RCV either. Kaguya is one of the few wood subs with more than 600 RCV and also has at least one TPA. The others are school Athena and GValk, both extremely rare monsters to pull from the REM. Even if you extend the cutoff to 500 RCV, the only additional NA-available monsters are Leeza and Thumbilina, subs that aren’t highly coveted. The value of RCV varies from team to team, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Conceeding that she won’t preempt many REM-quality monsters, any criticisms are just nitpicks. Could she have more awakenings? Sure (japan, with the voting, pls). Could her active produce enough orbs for at least a TPA? That’d be nice. But considering how useless some descended drops are *ahem*Mephisto*cough* Kaguya is a huge step in the right direction.

How Does She Compare to Other Farmables, Cu Chu Et Al.

1209 - Wolf Hero, Ignis Cu Chulainn824 - Ancient Dragon Knight, Zeal1092 - Generate Earth Dragon1425 - Decisive General, Zhang Fei1717 - steadfast bearded deity, guan yu

On average, Kaguya will produce two less wood orbs than a given 1:1 wood orb changer; three vs. five. Through board manipulation, a 1:1 orb changer can produce significantly more than the expected five. Even with a four-turn cooldown, Kaguya is looking pretty dismal in this regard. However, when you consider the actual quality of farmable wood orb changers, things start to tilt in Kaguya’s favor. None of them except Zhang Fei have both a TPA and skill boost. None have a third awakening that rivals any of Kaguya’s (for the most part, not even a second). Zhang Fei is the closest as far as awakenings, but his hybrid delay/orb change and greater cooldown makes him an entirely different beast than Kaguya.

Are her awakenings enough to make up for the lower amount of orbs generatedl? It’s close, but in the end I think the decision comes down to how much you need the time extend. There are situations where you’re more likely to use one of these guys over Kaguya regardless — Cu Chu on Verdandi for the HP bonus, Zeal on a dragon team, etc. — but in general I think Kaguya is the best.

Okay, but What If You Include the REM?

1193 - Gusting Prodigy, Sasuke1730 - Thorned Goddess, Valkyrie Elize1664 - God of Dark Riches, Osiris1897 - Earth Dragon Knight1619 - Sacred Tree Sorcerer, Leeza

There are surprisingly few quick wood orb changers with TPAs in the REM. I won’t go into the minutiae of why Kaguya is better or worse than each of them. In general, Kaguya’s awakenings are outclassed by quantity, not quality, nor does she generate as many orbs on average. She does bring a unique mix of awakenings, though, and is strong enough to be considered in the same class as them. There’s not much else one could ask for from a farmable drop.

How About as a Leader?

Even if you ignore the activation condition, dual Kaguyas only bring 16x, not the most exciting multiplier, especially in a world with 400x. There’s evidence of her making quick work of some Legend Pluses. While that’s a feather in her cap, that’s not much of a reason to pursue her as a lead as those clears are a function of amazing hypermaxed teams; if you’re considering Kaguya as a lead you likely don’t have access to such luxuries. For farmable leads, you’ll know them when you see them because they are pushed to be so; like Sonia Gran or Zaerog∞. Sadly, Kaguya doesn’t qualify, but…

Time for Some Speculation: Farming

…There’s one area she could potentially help you with as a lead: farming. Mechdragons farming, to be specific, but really anything around that level of difficulty (3x normals when?). For those than could care less about farming, you can skip the next few sections.

By now, most know of the Rei Sirius System and Kaguya can form the basis of an imitation:

1945 - Bamboo Cutter's Blossom, Kaguya-hime1945 - Bamboo Cutter's Blossom, Kaguya-hime1945 - Bamboo Cutter's Blossom, Kaguya-hime1945 - Bamboo Cutter's Blossom, Kaguya-hime1209 - Wolf Hero, Ignis Cu Chulainn1672 - Norn of the Present, Verdandi

This gives you a Kaguya activation every turn, only needing four Kaguyas as opposed to needing five Reis/Pulseneedles. Kaguya only gives you three orbs as opposed to Rei’s five, but that can be made up with the extra sub slot you get to work with. I’m using Ch Chu in this case since he’s farmable, but any quick orb changer can be used in that slot, even another Kaguya. The team gets closer to the Rei System the more Osirises you have to replace Kaguyas, but you’ll also have to make sure you still meet the requisite four skill boosts as Osiris has none. Probably the closest a Kaguya-based farm team can come to the Rei System is:

1945 - Bamboo Cutter's Blossom, Kaguya-hime1945 - Bamboo Cutter's Blossom, Kaguya-hime1664 - God of Dark Riches, Osiris1664 - God of Dark Riches, Osiris1730 - Thorned Goddess, Valkyrie Elize1672 - Norn of the Present, Verdandi

Although swapping out another Kaguya for an Osiris and GValk for Perseus is another option. Five Kaguyas can give you four wood orbs for a TPA three out of four turns.

Keep in mind the word close. There are several theoretical pros and cons to a Kaguya team compared to the Rei System. In the end, I’m not going to call this a system since I don’t want to imply it’s at least as good as the Rei System.


  • A Rei System lead by Rei and Superman top out at 10.5x while Kaguya and Verdandi top out at 13.2x.
  • The theoretical base model is fully farmable.
  • Finding Verdandi friends is significantly easier than Superman friends.
  • Kaguya supplies a skill boost, giving you more team flexibility.
  • Kaguya only has a four-turn cooldown, giving you a flex spot to work with.
  • Kaguya deals more damage than Pulseneedle.


  • Kaguya only makes three wood orbs, creating a deficit when matching TPAs. Rei creates five light orbs, enabling a TPA every turn and allowing surplus light orbs to be stored for burst on a mini-boss floor. Theoretically, this can be dealt with by the extra orb changer; emphasis on theoretically. Even if this is true, you’ll have to do a some significant orb management, which is definitely a huge con since the goal of a system is to be simple and quick.
  • Due to Kaguya’s random orb spawn, you’ll actually have to think about matching, lowering time efficiency and multitasking potential. Rei only requires you to move a single light orb somewhere else to match a TPA.
  • Wood has elemental weakness where light does not.
  • Kaguya is a bitch to max skill vs. Rei or Pulseneedle (10 skill ups vs 4, from a harder dungeon).

So Is It Actually Viable as a System?

As I said before, no, I don’t think it is, particularly due to the con in bold. It simply isn’t reliable or brain-dead enough. I also couldn’t find anything similar to this team on YouTube which is somewhat damning. While it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, it also means it’s not blowing the socks off anyone enough to either make a video for it or to attract enough views to raise it in my search results.

I still think there’s potential though. I was going to skip running actual numbers, but I couldn’t resist…

Now We’re Getting Way Off Track

This is deeper analysis than I want to give for post like this, but in this case I couldn’t resist. Disclaimer: the following damage comparisons aren’t conclusive of anything because the teams don’t function similarly enough. With that in mind, I still want to see if a Kaguya team is even in the ballpark of the Rei System. As the Rei System excels at framing Mechdragons, I’ll use that as a basis for damage viability. Let’s see how much damage she can do with a single TPA match:

* 4 skill boosts to qualify for system status; all max level, max skill, max awakenings, no +eggs; full HP for leader skill; no enhanced orbs; matching 1 wood TPA only
Damage By Sub – Single TPA Match
1945 - Bamboo Cutter's Blossom, Kaguya-hime 1945 - Bamboo Cutter's Blossom, Kaguya-hime 1664 - God of Dark Riches, Osiris 1664 - God of Dark Riches, Osiris 1730 - Thorned Goddess, Valkyrie Elize 1672 - Norn of the Present, Verdandi
Main 34,873 34,873 35,071 35,071 55,279 35,071
Sub 0 0 0 0 0 0
Team Damage
Elem. Fire Water Wood Light Dark TOTAL
Dmg. 0 0 230,238 0 0 230,238

This is more than enough damage to clear trash floors of any Mechdragon dungeon. You’ll almost certainly have to use GValk on floors 5 and 9, the mini-boss floors. To do this, you’ll have to preemptively use GValk on floor 4 so she’ll be up in time again for floor 9. This is a severe cramp on efficiency, but if you’re running the water Mechdragon, this becomes less of an issue since you’re basically at 2x damage. Also of note, Osiris doesn’t do all that much more damage than Kaguya so you’re really only using him to get closer to the Rei System’s functionality with the column change.

* 5 skill boosts to qualify for system status; all max level, max skill, max awakenings, no +eggs; full HP for leader skill; no enhanced orbs; matching 1 light TPA only
Damage By Sub – Single TPA Match
1621 - Flash Sorcerer, Rei Sirius 1621 - Flash Sorcerer, Rei Sirius 1594 - Light Insect Dragon, Pulseneedle 1594 - Light Insect Dragon, Pulseneedle 1594 - Light Insect Dragon, Pulseneedle 1676 - Last Son of Krypton, Superman
Main 41,875 41,875 16,538 16,538 16,538 33,016
Sub 4,193 4,193 0 0 0 0
Team Damage
Elem. Fire Water Wood Light Dark TOTAL
Dmg. 0 0 0 174,766 0 174,766

The Rei System does significantly less damage on trash floors with a single TPA, which is expected since their leader skills produce a smaller multiplier and a skill up fodder Pulseneedle is being used (for the skill boosts since Rei has none, if you were wondering). Looks like the Kaguya team is fine damage-wise.

I was going to go on and analyze burst damage for the boss floor, but I don’t think it’s worth the web real estate as I’ve already proven the damage is sufficient. For those curious, though, for three TPA matches, the Kaguya team does 1,036,064 and Rei does 786,447. Damage-wise, Kaguya looks like a decent farm lead, but it likely isn’t worth the effort and certainly doesn’t qualify as a system, at least in my opinion. I definitely see Kaguya being a good leader for an Osiris system, though, if he ever gets skill boosts in the future.

One last thing to check is whether Kaguya can get by with simply matching three orbs instead of a TPA. Here are the damage numbers:

* 4 skill boosts to qualify for system status; all max level, max skill, max awakenings, no +eggs; full HP for leader skill; no enhanced orbs; matching 1 3-wood orb set only
Damage By Sub – Single 3-Orb Match
1945 - Bamboo Cutter's Blossom, Kaguya-hime 1945 - Bamboo Cutter's Blossom, Kaguya-hime 1945 - Bamboo Cutter's Blossom, Kaguya-hime 1945 - Bamboo Cutter's Blossom, Kaguya-hime 1209 - Wolf Hero, Ignis Cu Chulainn 1672 - Norn of the Present, Verdandi
Main 18,599 18,599 18,599 18,599 17,965 18,704
Sub 0 0 0 0 0 0
Team Damage
Elem. Fire Water Wood Light Dark TOTAL
Dmg. 0 0 111,065 0 0 111,065

That’s really poor damage. Although if you’re farming the water Mechdragon, you’ll be able to wipe just about every trash floor with a single three-orb match. Yep, still not going to call this a system. I’m glad I went through with the research, though.

Is She Worth Max Skilling?

1944 - Kaguya-HimeRequiring 10 skills ups coming from a dreaded awakenings-disabled and no-RCV dungeon, is she worth the effort? If you need her as a Bastet sub then I’d say yes, particularly because she’s still useful even if you get something better later. For anything else it’s hard to say because it really depends on how good she is over your next best replacement. In a vacuum, if you were using, say, Cu Chu on your Osiris team and asked me if it was worth max skilling Kaguya to take his spot, I’d probably say yes. However, considering the difficulty of the dungeon, that answer isn’t as clear. If you have a team that can streamroll it though, definitely go for it.

I will likely pass on skilling her up during her initial appearance, instead waiting for her to show up with a jewel invade (which are more valuable to me now because of awoken Chinese skill ups). I definitely want to skill up one just to see what kind of teams I can make with her and I do have four Osirises to play with. I’m tempted to eventually skill up two, just to test the viability of my Kaguya farming team first hand, but I’ll probably have found something more interesting to play with by then.


I’m really happy descended bosses like Kaguya are being released. While not overwhelmingly powerful, she fills in holes in just about every wood team and isn’t embarrassing at doing so. Her descended is annoying, but is reasonably accessible, giving teams a good, farmable sub to work towards. Time extends on farmables are particularly valuable, Kaguya likely being the best in wood. I highly recommend considering Kaguya for your teams.


2 thoughts on “Analyzing Kaguya-Hime

  1. Are you sure you want a jewel invade on her descend? No awakenings mean you can’t resist the skill lock preempt of the invade. And the invades will do significant dmg every turn.


    • You’re correct that an invade would make the run much more difficult and I’m probably underestimating by how much since I haven’t done much research. Assuming we’re getting the versions that hit for 8569, it seems to be within reason that a team that can deal with the 42845 damage can clear it. I was thinking an HP boost or a Greco-Roman team, but I haven’t really thought out the team composition and whether it can actually clear the dungeon yet.

      Even if I fail one out of every few runs due to the invade, I still think it’s worth the chance to get lucky and land a jewel. I’ll have to reassess my statement and probably eat my words when it actually comes around, though.


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