Rei System Farming – 5x Mechdragons

I finally completed the Rei System. It’s a bit outdated and overshadowed by sexier systems now, particularly the Cloud System, but it’s still effective for lower end farming. The most surprising thing was that the Pulseneedles take 4mil exp each to max level. I’m not sure when I’ll get around to doing that.

2 thoughts on “Rei System Farming – 5x Mechdragons

  1. I love this system for its simplicity, but I have a question: Do you think it would work with only one Rei? Because one is all I have, and I’m interested to try it out. Maybe sub an Athena for one of the reis and make a few extra combos along the way to save some extra lights for that fifth turn…?


    • While it’s possible to make a decent farming team without the second Rei, I’d question the investment in skilling up the Pulseneedles if you’re not getting true brainless farming in return.

      As for replacements, Rei actually doesn’t hit that hard despite his two TPAs. This means any five-turn orb changer could probably work as a replacement: Verche, LValk or Fuma. I’d definitely run things through a damage calculator before trying any serious farming, though.


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