Skill Up Log – Dancing Queen Hera-Ur


Monster Tries Success Rate
Hera-Ur 17 6 35.29%

I actually finished this several days ago — during the last urgent skill up period, I believe — but totally forgot about it. I never had plans to use Hera-Ur. I only recently evoed her because I wanted to skill her up for completion’s sake. She’s a stronger consideration as a sub now that she’s max skilled, but I don’t see a team I’d use her on. Sadly, she never had a time to shine as a leader, especially since Beelzebub is generally a better devil lead. Her best chance to gain some relevancy is the release of a Liu Bei-tier fire-devil sub. Luckily, I didn’t have to sink too much stamina into her, going a robust 6/17 during 2x skill ups.


4 thoughts on “Skill Up Log – Dancing Queen Hera-Ur

  1. Nice success rate! I’m also planning on skilling her up, only problem is I don’t actually HAVE her… I’ll be saving about 40-50 Senpai urs until I can finally get her (used my previous one for Minerva), evolve her, AND get two more red jewels… One more once Dragon Challenge starts up. Guess I have a reason to run Cauchemar for the first time ever… lol. Or maybe just take the gift from the holy beasts… Hmm…


      • Yeah, I miss them too, even though I had sub 20% luck… *grumblegrumble* I do think NA is picking up though, it’s been a slowish year so far, but even though the events have sucked recently, it couldn’t really get worse…

        A bit of a perspective shift really helps open your eyes to the reality of the situation. I play another game called Quiz RPG, I was really going solid until January whe I took a break for 6 months. I just got back to it this week, only to find it a wasteland. Apparently the company is mismanaging it into the ground, there hasn’t been a proper event in a month now, and they skipped two monthly events that should have been held.

        So really, PAD isn’t that bad off. The events haven’t been thrilling, but at least there’s content being put out. It may not be at as fast a rate as we’d hope, but I have another allegorical story for why that’s bad as well… but that’s for another day, I’ve rambled long enough.

        TLDR: NA may not be as good as the JP server, but in a void, this server kicks ass. Hype for the future is killing the present, even though the present isn’t as bad as we make it out to be…


        • Compared to some other Asian-based mobile games — or just games in general — NA PAD certainly has it good; we’re relatively spoiled, even. However, I think it’s natural to keep wanting a better product, so I don’t bemoan the complainers. I sometimes forget that a game as an actual consumer product as I get lost in the pleasure of playing it, but I can’t let my enjoyment of the game hold me captive to poor service. PAD is a good enough game to play despite that, but they’re walking a fine line and things could go south quickly and without warning (I’m sure most of us have experienced things like this in our gaming careers). It’s mainly that anxiety that makes we wish they’d communicate more despite any constraints on their end; the new stream format is a good start but there can always be more. I’ll continue to enjoy the game while it lasts, though, and like you said, the present is not bad at all.


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