Skill Up Log – Kaguya & Yomi

Monster Tries Success Rate
Kaguya 30 10 33.33%
Yomi 14 2 14.29%
Total 44 12 27.27%

I have little use for Yomi nowadays, but missing those blue letters on monsters that aren’t max skilled anymore due to active upgrades bugs the hell out of me. I was planning to skill up a Kaguya the next time she came around with a jewel invade, but I got five Yomi Tamadra drops on my first five runs, got a single skill up off them and I couldn’t resist getting the last one (CTW needs a lot more help than two less turns, btw). In the process, I ended up with a max skill Kaguya as well.

A user comment made me think twice about desiring jewel invades for this dungeon. Now that I have a better grasp of the dungeon after running it 30-odd times, I totally agree with the concern. I think an invade on floors 1, 4 or 5 would be the easiest as there are opportunities to stall out the skill bind on the floor after. Invades on the other floors would be more difficult and more luck reliant to clear. I’m not as incentivized to brave those odds anymore now that I have a max skilled Kaguya; I can’t deny that concern is part of the reasoning I got her out of the way now, when there are no invades. I may someday go for another max skilled Kaguya to try out the farming team I pondered in my analysis post, any wipes due to invades would just have to be accepted as part of the process.