Woodpy Farming Video

I made this video in response to a comment made here. Sadly this coin rotation ends today which diminishes the relevancy, but it’s something to aim for when it comes around again.

This is the team I used to farm Woodpys during the NA coin rotation #16 and is designed to clear the 7-floor alt. technical dungeons as quickly and braindead as possible. I lack four ROdins for the ultimate farming team, but this wasn’t bad. This team will only work for this particular alt. technical rotation as the other one has 300k+ HP Pengdras which this team isn’t prepared to deal with. I only used this on Alt. Shrine of Liquid Flame – Twin Jewels of Fire and Water, but I’d assume it would work for most of the other 7-floor dungeons.


2 thoughts on “Woodpy Farming Video

  1. I switched to a Rodin lead and moved Goemon to a sub spot with that team for the new rotation. Goemon’s extra damage multiplier isn’t needed for the boss floor. One row will take out the evolved pengdras, which are not very common. What sucks most about this rotation is the first floor is 26 stamina instead of 24 and the XP and coins gained are lower.


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