Collab Review – Shinrabansho Choco

The Shinrabansho REM isn’t exciting. Just looking at their stats the gold eggs all seem pretty good. However, looking at how they’ve performed on JP none of them standout very much. They don’t fill any critical roles. Standard power creep has contributed to their devaluation. To make things worse, they aren’t particularly unique, all having reasonable or better replacements coming from the regular REM. They’ll be much more appealing once they get uevos, but who knows if NA will ever get them.

The silver eggs are average at best as their unbearably long cooldowns weigh them down. Most collab silver eggs are good low cost leads and these are above average, but that’s more of a consolation than anything. I really only see two reasons to roll in this collab: Kiriko and Ryuga; outside that there’s not a lot of value to be had in this REM. I’d advise against rolling.

5-Star Gold Eggs

Grades are given relative to monsters of the same rarity.

Kiriko – B+
1973 - Shining Wing Kiriko Another
  • A R/L version of Verdandi (almost)
  • Good sub, adequate leader
  • Urd or Leilan can be decent stand-ins as subs
Kiriko is likely the most desirable roll from this REM, but I passed on giving her an A grade mainly because she has reasonable alternatives from the regular REM. Urd can do a decent imitation on a Gadius team and Leilan can do the same with Ilm. As a lead she parallels Verdandi (except with 0.3x less attack which is actually a big deal), but there’s no elite R/L sub on the level of Liu Bei to really drive the team. She’ll be a lot more attractive once she gets her uevo, but until then I’d pass on chasing her.

Saiga – B
1969 - Shinra Dragon God Saiga Another
  • A G/L version of Skuld (almost)
  • Already has a uevo
  • Pairs well with School Athena
  • Good G/L support
  • Rider-style orb change is underwhelming
The most obvious comparison is to Skuld, but how good is he? The missing 0.3x ATK actually makes a pretty big difference and his active is quite poor. The extra TPA and bind immunity are nice, but that doesn’t bridge the gap. G/L has surprisingly good sub selection, but I’d argue the quality at the top end suffers compared to B/G. He’s a perfectly good leader, but is he worth the cost to get him? Probably not. Maybe if you’re dying to find a use for that GGY sitting in your box (sorry, those dupes you have are still useless).
As a sub, he’s pretty average, the biggest drawback being his rider-style orb change which is rarely better than a five-turn single orb change and is two turns slower. There are just so many better wood TPA subs nowadays that Saiga gets lost in the shuffle.

Asmodeus – B-
1971 - Phantom Demon King Asmo-Deus Another
  • Some similarities to Hathor, School Isis, Santa Sakuya
  • Full board orb change
  • A fine combo sub
  • Dark-devils are always good
  • Difficult to maximize leader skill devil clause
  • Overshadowed by DKali
Asmodeus is in a peculiar situation, having similarities to Hathor, School Isis and Santa Sakuya, but she’s inferior to all of them. While her board change is a huge upgrade, her leader skill is difficult to fully utilize. It’s missing Hathor’s RCV multipler, something that Isis and Sakuya and can get away with since they are healer-based, but Asmodeus can’t since devils generally have poor RCV. While it’s possible to work around this with high RCV devils like Persephone, I don’t think it’s worth the effort, especially since she’s quite low in the overall combo lead pecking order.
She’s fine as a sub. Her most obvious home is on Durga, but she isn’t a necessity there. One of Durga’s main strengths is ease of activation so the board change guaranteeing an activation isn’t quite as essential. Then there’s DKali, but does anyone actually use DKali as a lead? Are there any good orb change combos with her board? Not really. Outside of the obvious combos with 1:1 orb changers, the most relevant is Kagutsuchi resulting in an unimpressive 2:2:1 dark/red/wood board. Let me know if I’m missing anything more impressive.

4-Star Silver Eggs

Grades are given relative to monsters of the same rarity.

Reviewing collab silver eggs is usually an exercise in futility as they are mainly just fodder excreted by the REM as if to say “be thankful we gave you anything at all”. The Shinrabansho silver eggs are no exception. Collab silvers are usually reasonable low cost leaders, but these also have awakenings at 12 cost which is a nice bonus. In general, though, their long cooldowns make them practically unusable, even considering that they cover two elements and that skill up fodder is available for them. The one exception is Ryuga who could be a valuable sub for the emerging light-dragon archetype.

To sum things up, the Shinrabansho silver eggs do the REM no favors and any yolo rolls are unadvised as you’re unlikely to get any value in return.

Apollo – B
1980 - Shinra Sun God Apollo
  • 12-cost lead with 3.5x ATK
  • TPAs are becoming more relevant for fire teams
  • Fire damage reduction awakenings shouldn’t be underestimated
  • Urd colors, but sadly no RCV
Apollo is one of the better silver eggs from this REM, mainly because he’s a decent Urd utility sub. His active is more relevant on an Urd team since it’s capable of stalling. The fire reduction awakenings should not be overlooked, making him a fine choice as a utility sub in fire-dominated dungeons. Sadly, like Rozuel, he has no RCV.
As a lead, he’s basically a low cost Chinese god giving 3.5x ATK for matching fire, water and light. He can actually enter Gaia, unlike the mini Chinese. He’s more powerful than Wangren, but putting that into practice really depends on how consistently you can active him.

Sai – C+
1979 - Shinra Soul Beast Sai
  • TPAs are becoming more relevant for fire teams
  • Inferior to Apollo in almost all ways
Fire generally has the best low cost leads as three of the four cost restricted dungeons are primarily wood (although Draggie doesn’t qualify here). The main problem I’ve seen with Guan Yinping, Parrot or Wangren based teams is the inability to heal. Sai’s 2x RCV will help you there, along with providing some awakenings. And I think I’m done with talking about low cost leads, one of the most worthless attributes in the game.
Outside of low cost dungeons, he isn’t going to do a whole lot for you. A long cooldown damage enhance isn’t what current fire teams want to be doing. He has marginal value on Urd, but Apollo is better at that.

Saiga – B-
1981 - Shinra Sacred Dragon God Saiga
  • Wood dragon sub
  • Wood is a TPA color now.
  • Lack of Saint Seiya and DBZ collabs hurts NA’s dragon sub pool
  • Too many Saigas to keep track of.
He still has lingering synergy with wood’s dragon and row themes. GSonia and GGY come to mind. Which is to say there isn’t much to say. A wood monster without TPAs? Into the trash it goes.

Maxius – C-
1977 - Shinra Golden God Maxius
  • Light-healer synergy
  • Light needs the damage enhance the least.
  • Would be better if he resisted light
Tamadrapurin, Sandalphon, Thor, Arcline, Izanagi; these are just some of the many light damage enhancers that are better than Maxius.

Ryuga – A-
1976 - Shinra Light Dragon God Ryuga
  • A reasonable 9-turn cooldown
  • Light dragons are becoming a thing?
  • Low cost Hero-like lead
  • He’s pretty good.
The list of relevant light dragons has gotten quite long: Indra, Nordis, DQ, Defoud, Shining Dragon Knight, Apocalypse, and Light Xuanzang, to name a few. The last two are particularly important, as the recent upgrades to both means you can run a high HP Apocalypse team and get the benefits of 2x RCV four out of every eight turns from Xuanzang. If you need a damage enhancer, Ryuga slots in nicely. He contributes a row and resists one of the most prevalent elements in the game. Sounds good to me.

Ark – C
1975 - Shinra Sacred Demon God Ark
  • Resists dark
  • No offensive awakenings.
  • Why does dark-balanced exist?
Skill bind resists used to be a lot more valuable, but as more and most monsters get them, niche subs like these plummet in value. He does resist dark, so you can use him to MacGyver a solution to DQ Hera’s preemptive if you’re really desperate.

Moebius – C-
1974 - Shinra Sorcerer God Moebius
  • Maybe you want to play around with CTW?
  • Dark is not wanting for orb enhancers
Orb enhance awakenings are definitely underrated, especially when attached to a orb enhance active, but there’s not much appeal to Moebius. If they removed the CTW clause and shorted the cooldown, he’d much more relevant, but even then, nothing special.

Kai – C+
1978 - Shinra Ultimate God Kai
  • Devil with a row
  • I’m getting tired of making up good points for these things. He’s pretty much the same as all the others.
  • Everything else
The counterattack clause of his leader skill is interesting, but doesn’t actually do anything beyond that. He can serve as a damage enhancer on a dark RSonia or similar team.


There really isn’t much else to say about this collab. While it’s nice that skill ups drop for the collab eggs in the accompanying dungeon, it doesn’t mean all that much when only a few of the skills are worth leveling. I can’t in good faith encourage anyone to roll, but if you need a particularly monster to perfect your team, by all means do so.

Personally, I’ll probably throw a pack at the machine since I hate money and hate myself. I’ll be sure to record it, so all can witness the exact reason why you shouldn’t roll.


6 thoughts on “Collab Review – Shinrabansho Choco

  1. i feel that Ark should be given a slightly higher score, based solely on the fact that he is a pretty good low cost lead. i plan on using him for draggie, using a team like this: Ark, vamp, vamp, vamp, dark dragon knight, Ark. both unevoed vamp and unevoed voice chaos dragon knight dude, are balanced!


    • Thank you for your input, but I’m not convinced about improving his grade. Low cost dungeons are such a small part of the game that I don’t see much point in giving much credence to that niche. Further, most collab REM silvers are respectable low cost leaders so I don’t think there’s a reason to make a distinction. While some are better than others, I’ve found the real limiting factor is finding a corresponding friend to partner with.

      Also, you can’t take Ark into Draggie since he’s 12 cost and Draggie is 10 cost or lower. If you want a similar leader for Draggie you can use the Batgals, but it’s probably easier to find a Batman to pair with.


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