Beelzebub Team With Zuoh


A friendly anonymous commenter shared the idea of running Zuoh and a second Pandora instead of Haku + CDD for burst on a Beelzebub team. It sounded like a great idea at the time and now that I hypermaxed my Zuoh for my Meimei System, I figured I should test out the team. Granted, Zeus Vulcan isn’t exactly difficult anymore, but the team felt extremely strong. Healing is my biggest concern for the team in Lv10 and the two extra time extends felt like a de facto RCV boost as I was consistently hitting six or seven combos. The second Pandora was a great insurance policy as a second heartmaker. I may look into writing another addendum for my Beelzebub team post.

To commit fully, I’d feed CDD to the second Pandora. My hypermax Haku would then be out of a job since it’s unlikely I’ll ever run Pandora as a lead again. This would free her up to be evoed to Awoken Haku, a pretty nice option if I want to create an Infinirog team. That sounds pretty nice. I think I’ll probably do it, but unlike my impulse Zuoh hypermax, I’ll give this a bit more thought. The main thing I want to look at is the team’s viability for future Lv10s, but I can’t imagine it would be any worse than the Haku + CDD version of the team.