Rolling with Beelzebub Addendum II – Zuoh

A commenter brought up the possibility of using Zuoh and Pandora as a burst alternative to Haku and CDD in response to my Hanzo addendum. I recently had the chance to take the team for a test drive and I was impressed with the results. This addendum will go over the pros and cons of using this alternative Zuoh set up compared to a Haku-based team.

For reference, here’s the original post.

The Differences at a Glance

Burst Duo Key Combined Stats Comparison (No +Eggs)
Stat 1953 - Enraged Black Phantom Demon, Zuoh1736 - Wailing Bleak Night Goddess, Pandora 1269 - Banishing Claw Byakko, Haku1094 - Cyclone Devil Dragon 1269 - Banishing Claw Byakko, Haku1195 - Moonlit Shadow, Hattori Hanzo
HP 7,543 6,233 4,682
ATK 2,845 3,057 3,639
RCV 509 351 659
Enhanced Dark Att. Enhanced Dark Att.Enhanced Dark Att.Enhanced Dark Att. Enhanced Dark Att.Enhanced Dark Att. Enhanced Dark Att.Enhanced Dark Att.Enhanced Dark Att.
Skill Boost Skill BoostSkill BoostSkill Boost Skill BoostSkill Boost Skill BoostSkill Boost
Other Extended TimeExtended TimeResistance-Skill BindRecover Bind Enhanced Dark OrbsReduce Dark DamageReduce Dark Damage Enhanced Dark Orbs

Hanzo will easily supplant CDD once he gains devil type. This is covered in the first addendum. To summarize, Hanzo’s additional RCV is so valuable that any other difference is negligible. As Zuoh + Pandora (simply referred to as Zuoh from here on out) is also clearly superior, the meaningful comparison is with Haku + Hanzo (Haku). At a glance, the two teams seem about even so let’s dig a bit deeper.

The HP Difference

Team / Diff No Bonus 2x HP Team Total
No +Eggs w/+Eggs No +Eggs w/+Eggs
Zuoh 7,543 9,523 15,086 19,046 50,498
Haku 4,682 6,662 9,364 13,324 44,776
Diff 2,861 2,861 5,722 5,722 5,722
% Diff 61.1% 42.9% 61.1% 42.9% 12.8%

With a full hypermax team, Zuoh will contribute over 5k more HP than Haku. In practice, this difference is negligible as once a team passes the 40k HP mark it can survive most hits outside of an enrage nuke. While it’s always good to have extra HP to play with, in the end this isn’t much of an advantage for the Zuoh duo.

The Healing Difference

Team / Diff No Bonus 2.5x RCV Healing w/ 2.5x RCV
No +Eggs w/+Eggs No +Eggs w/+Eggs 6 Combo +1 Combo
Zuoh 509 1103 1272.5 2,757.5 6,204.4 6,893.8
Haku 659 1,253 1,647.5 3,132.5 7,048.1
Diff 150 150 375 375 843.7 154.3
% Diff 22.8% 12.0% 22.8% 12.0% 12.0% 2.2%

RCV is a little more difficult to compare as the stat has to be translated into actual healing to truly understand the difference. Assuming hypermax, for a given three-orb heart match and six combos, Haku will heal about 800 more HP. This may not seem like much, but when it’s not possible to net HP every turn since the incoming damage is too high, every extra bit of healing becomes critical. Over the nine turns needed to refresh Zuoh’s cooldown for another round of burst, that becomes over a 7k healing difference. That could easily mean the difference between getting there or not. In situations where healing is critical, the Haku duo is still superior to Zuoh.

But wait, the Zuoh team does have one advantage the Haku team doesn’t: two additional time extends. I don’t think it’s far fetched to assume that extra second of matching can lead to an extra combo per attempt. Going from six to seven combos on average is a difficult jump for many players, but I feel an extra second is enough time to do so. Comparing the healing numbers for Haku with six combos and Zuoh with seven, the difference shrinks to about 150 healing. This is still an advantage for Haku, but Zuoh can bridge the gap through better comboing.

The Damage Difference

Now to compare damage. Here’s what the Haku team does with a full burst board:

* Avg. Haku + Hanzo board: 20 dark orbs, 10 water orbs; 7 dark row enhances; 100% enhanced dark orbs (Beelzebub); 2x dark damage (Batman); on-board combos (6): 3 dark rows, 3 others; 1.2x ATK RSonia bonus; all hypermax; using optimal board setup
Damage By Sub
1371 - Crazed King of Purgatory, Beelzebub 1195 - Moonlit Shadow, Hattori Hanzo 1269 - Banishing Claw Byakko, Haku 1736 - 魔哭の冥夜神, Pandora 1476 - BAO Batman+BW Stealth 1645 - Marvelous Red Dragon Caller, Sonia
Main 2,242,188 2,055,769 1,920,894 1,606,613 1,580,700 0
Sub 224,219 205,319 192,433 160,647 40,084 693,274
Team Damage
Elem. Fire Water Wood Light Dark TOTAL
Dmg. 0 40,084 0 0 10,881,056 10,921,140

And now Zuoh:

* Avg. Zuoh + Pandora board: 20 dark orbs, 10 water orbs; 7 dark row enhances; 100% enhanced dark orbs (Beelzebub); 2x dark damage (Batman); on-board combos (6): 3 dark rows, 3 others; 1.2x ATK RSonia bonus; all hypermax; using optimal board setup
Damage By Sub
1371 - Crazed King of Purgatory, Beelzebub 1953 - Enraged Black Phantom Demon, Zuoh 1736 - 魔哭の冥夜神, Pandora 1736 - 魔哭の冥夜神, Pandora 1476 - BAO Batman+BW Stealth 1645 - Marvelous Red Dragon Caller, Sonia
Main 2,144,702 1,615,511 1,535,804 1,535,804 1,511,974 132,722
Sub 214,470 0 153,663 153,663 9 663,132
Team Damage
Elem. Fire Water Wood Light Dark TOTAL
Dmg. 132,722 0 0 0 9,528,723 9,661,445

That’s a difference of 1,259,695 with Haku doing about 13% more damage (fyi Haku’s extra orb enhance awakening counts for about one-third of the damage gap). That’s a substantial difference, but with most Challenge Dungeons monsters topping out around 10 million HP, it’s not too significant in practice. That may change in the future, though, and Haku’s damage advantage should be remembered for the future.

Haku also has better grind damage, having higher base attack and an additional TPA over Zuoh. Like in the healing comparison, Zuoh’s time extends can help bridge the gap, but I’m not going to bother running exact numbers since the difference is largely inconsequential. A player would be ill advised to rely on grind damage when planning a endgame dungeon as the true limiting factor is skyfall.

Utility Factor?

The straightforward comparisons have been done; comparing the values of different awakenings and actives is a bit more abstract.

  • Pandora as a heartmaker – While Haku definitely has the healing advantage, the fact that the second Pandora can act as another heartmaker for Zuoh is an advantage that can’t be denied.
  • Zuoh has an extra skill boost – This difference doesn’t amount to much. The Haku team has nine skill boosts, the amount needed to have her full board orb change up on turn one. The next highest cooldowns are blue Batman (12) followed by RSonia (15) meaning the extra skill boost won’t allow either to be available on turn one. Outside of the turn one scenario, skill boosts start to become irrelevant as Beelzebub should be able to stall for skills. In theory, anyways.
  • Time extends – This is the most abstract comparison of all as it really depends on the player’s skill. The benefits the extra second has on healing and damage have already been covered in previous sections, but perhaps the most important factor still has to be covered: skyfall. The success of Beelzebub teams in Lv10 relies on generous heart skyfalls. Being able to clear more of the board means there’s more opportunity for heart skyfalls. This as a huge advantage for Zuoh teams, unless, of course, you were already hitting eight or more combos on average. If that was the case, why are you using Beelzebub? Go play a faceroll combo god!
  • Skill bind resist – Zuoh provides an extra skill bind resist, bringing the team’s rate to 60%. There is almost no value to be had here. Beelzebub should be able to stall through a short duration skill bind. For longer skill binds, anything below 100% just isn’t reliable enough.


There is no clear victor in this comparison. Each team has their advantages, but I also don’t think there’s such a huge discrepancy that one team couldn’t clear what the other could. I’m leaning towards the Zuoh version as it makes more sense for my box. I also really like the time extends and the extra heartmaker. However, Hanzo’s devil upgrade hasn’t hit NA yet, so I can’t say first hand which is better until then.


7 thoughts on “Rolling with Beelzebub Addendum II – Zuoh

  1. I wanted to run Beelzebub/Sonia for no dupe coin dungeons. I would like to use the Zuoh+Pandora set-up, what would you recommend to replace the 2nd Pandora. Thank you for your time =)


    • That’s a fairly open ended question. Without knowing what you have, I’d say any orb change, board change or damage enhance that allows you to get through the dungeon efficiently and consistently.


      • If you wouldn’t mind taking a look at my devils (that sounds weird for some reason, like I’m going to a priest, anyway) and make a recommendation. Again, this will be primarily for no dupe coin dungeons. The Haku I have is set to be awoken so I won’t be able to use her anymore, and I’m really hoping Claire is in the MP shop; I really do not want Shiva Dragon anymore (though who knows, sellers/buyers remorse exists for a reason). Thank you for your time.


        • I’d probably run both Hanzo and Vampire if they’re both skilled up so you can use them to make clearing the early floors more consistent. Then make adjustments from there.


      • (It won’t let me reply to your post)

        Run Hanzo and Vampire instead of Pandora and Loki?
        So the team would be Zuoh/Pandora/Hanzo/Vampire?


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