Shinrabansho Choco REM 2015.07.06 – Roll Until Gold

Since this REM sucks, I decided to roll until gold or 17 rolls, whatever came first. It worked out alright.

I’d actually rather have Saiga since I’d use him immediately, but this works just fine.

6 thoughts on “Shinrabansho Choco REM 2015.07.06 – Roll Until Gold

  1. The gold rate on this collab is really good. In 10 rolls, I got all 3 of the gold eggs (and dupe of Asmodeus).


  2. Now the question is, what difficulty to farm skill up cards for Kirico?
    Wait for X2 and do lower difficulty or just plough through Mythical due to 600xp/stam?


    • I don’t know for sure, but I’m probably going to farm Mythical since I don’t have much else to do this week until the next event starts. I’ll let someone else do the research as to which difficulty is best for 2x, but if no one does I’ll probably stick with Mythical.


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