Weekly Roundup 22


The Past Week:

  • Last week’s roundup
  • Updated PADherder
  • 12 ranks – I have about 40 days to hit 600 before my one-year anniversary. I’m going to stop running the current rotation of crap alt. techs and wait for the next one to finish off my ranks and hopefully get a few Pys on the way. Playing mainly for rank isn’t really what I want to be doing so it will be nice to get it over with. It was a dumb goal, but I’m going to follow through anyways.
  • Zuoh obtained

Next Week and Beyond:

  • I’m quite anxious for the next NA event announcement. The stream teased the awoken Egyptians “in a couple weeks or so”. Well, it’s been a couple weeks. 3x normals would also be nice. So would some Challenge Dungeons. pls gungho
  • I’m balking on rolling Shinrabansho. I bought some stones, but I have a bad feeling about this REM. Considering I love rolling and have no self control, this should be an dire indicator that this REM is garbage. If this REM does poorly, I hope GungHo interprets it as “delaying a mediocre REM a couple months is not a good idea, let’s have more synced or minimal delay collabs with desirable eggs” instead of “NA no spend monies, no collabs5u”.
  • As for JP, hopefully the new Greek uevos are revealed.
  • Arkham Knight is released in Japan on the 16th. I’m curious when they intend to start the collab. Assuming they start before or on that date, NA won’t get the collab at the same time as Shinrabansho doesn’t end until the 19th. Maybe we’ll get Batman on the 20th? That would be nice. Update: Looks like JP is getting Bikkuriman from the 13th-19th. Maybe we will both get Batman on the 20th? Or maybe they aren’t trying to sync up with the game release at all and it won’t be anytime soon for either server.