NA Event: Hallowed Sarcophagi

■④ Special Event Content
A challenging riddle for all players to solve!

Okay, if this ISN’T Sphinx then I give up trying to guess future events forever.

I gotta say, this is going to be a pretty sweet event (outside the Tamas, anyways…). In addition to Sphinx (if it’s real) and the first wave of awoken Egyptians (if Sphinx is real), I also get to skill up my School Athena. On top of that we are getting 2.5x skill ups to help with that and Shinrabansho.

If we want to reach even further, the art update contained a couple more waves of ultimates which includes Cao Cao, Meimei, Shiva, Durga, Sarasvati, Krishna, and the uevo golems. It may be getting overly optimistic expecting those to be enabled this event, but I can’t remember the last time we got art for a monster that wasn’t enabled in the following event (granted, I haven’t been playing very long and haven’t really kept track of such things). As always, I’m tempering my expectations, but damn…

I have more, but I think I’ll end the speculation hype train here. NA has trained me to not believe anything until it’s actually in-game.

Update: Both EU and KR are only getting the Egyptians. It was a nice dream.
Also, KR is getting 3x normals again.


2 thoughts on “NA Event: Hallowed Sarcophagi

  1. So that descend is Zeus & Hera right? LOL.

    Meanwhile JP gets all star eggs removed from REM and addition of 10 new machine cards for both rows and TPA.


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