Analyzing Sphinx

2008 - Awoken SphinxAfter what feels like years of waiting, Sphinx is finally going make his (alleged) debut on NA servers. He’s largely seen as an annoying speed bump along the road to awoken Egyptian goodness, but does he have any other use? His leader skill is pretty much irrelevant; Sonia Gran is a much better option if you’re looking for a farmable combo lead. He’s not bad as a combo sub, but much of his usefulness is overshadowed by LKali. It may not seem fair to compare REM and farmable monsters, but LKali is so ubiquitous and critical to rainbow teams’ success that it’s a hard issue to avoid. He still has value as a farmable sub for Awoken Horus and Shiva, but in the end he’s something you’ll want to quickly replace.

Looking for a Farmable Combo Lead? Sonia Gran Is That Way →

1760 - Dawning Dragon Caller, Sonia Gran

While Sonia Gran has her own fair share of shortcomings, endgame potential is not one of them. Sphinx, on the other hand, not only tops out at a paltry 5x ATK for an extremely difficult five-color activation, his 1.5x RCV boost isn’t particularly useful as there are very few rainbow-oriented physical subs. Perhaps what is most damning is that his most useful sub, LKali, is just a flat out better leader than him.

Uses as a Sub?

1954 - Awoken Shiva2009 - Awoken Horus

Sphinx’s awakenings are quite good; about as good as you could expect from three awakenings for a combo sub. While time extends are quite easy to find in the REM nowadays, on a farmable card not so much. The TPA also plays nicely on combo teams, working particularly well on Awoken Horus and Shiva teams. The damage component of his active has a niche use in dealing with high defense monsters — particularly ones with status shields — and it might be a good idea for those that use fire combo leads to keep one around just for that. The increased orb movement time is always nice to ensure you hit the requisite combo requirements while also matching TPAs.

All in all he’s very solid, but is solid good enough? On a Shiva team, your two leader slots are filled with underwhelming actives; adding Sphinx’s to this mix is quite the burden. It’s probably better to run a farmable orb changer instead. There is a similar problem on Horus teams, but who you really want covering light is LKali. Whereas Kaguya has great synergy with Awoken Bastet while also creating wood orbs, Sphinx has or does neither, making him a dubious sub choice.

Overshadowed by LKali

1747 - Sparkling Goddess of Secrets, Kali

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a LKali, but considering she’s a relatively old five-star godfest exclusive she’s one of the more common monsters in the game. For better or worse, LKali is a staple sub for combo teams. Considering Sphinx is inferior almost every way and his types and elements don’t give him a particular advantage, LKali is just the de facto way to cover light and fire for rainbow teams. Sphinx can be a decent placeholder, but that’s about it.

Well, That Was a Rather Short Analysis

Sadly Sphinx is the least spectacular of the descended bosses released since Diagoldos. His main role was to serve as evo fodder for the awoken Egyptians and that reflects in his stats. Whereas a descended boss like Kaguya, Aamir or Zhou Yu fill a particular niche extremely well, Sphinx has no such place. Luckily, he’s rather easy to obtain, so if you have a hole on your combo team, Sphinx is a very nice stopgap solution. I see him being particularly useful for budding non-IAP Horus teams, holding his own until you’re lucky enough to land a LKali.


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