Rating the Godfest: 7/11-7/12

Grading scale. The individual grade is composite grade of all monsters in it relative to all other pantheons. The combined graded is a composite of all monsters in both pantheons relative to all other combinations of pantheons.
Godfest: Egypt 1 & Archdemons 7/11, Three Kingdoms & Angels 7/12
Day 1 Day 2
Egypt 1 Archdemons Three Kingdoms Angels
Individual A C+ B B-
Combined B+ B
Individual B B- A B-
Combined B- B+
Individual A- B- A- B-
Combined B B+

First a two hour notice, now an unexpectedly early godfest; GungHo isn’t making it easy to get these godfest ratings out lately. Considering the abnormally early mid-month godfest, I wonder if they have something special planned or are simply being unpredictable, as usual.

The first waves of awoken Egyptians are finally going to grace NA with their presence and that alone makes it a good idea to roll day 1; they are just that good. They are paired with one of the worst pantheons in the Archdemons, but with Egypt 1 being far and away the best pantheon for leaders, if you want to roll don’t feel bad for doing so.

Day 2 is another Beauty and the Beast scenario like day 1, with Three Kingdoms being one of the best overall pantheons in the game and Angels being one of the worst. This time the Beauty features elite subs with two being the best in the game: Cao Cao and Liu Bei. The Angels are so close to being relevant, but without any skill up fodder or uevos, they are fated to rot in your box. Roll with caution.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration.
Day 1, 7/11
Name Lead Sub Overall
Egypt 1
2009 - Awoken HorusHorus A- B- B+
2010 - Awoken IsisIsis B+ A- A-
2011 - Awoken BastetBastet A B- B+
2012 - Awoken RaRa A C+ B+
2013 - Awoken AnubisAnubis A- B- B+
1257 - Surging Demon Lord, BelialBelial C- B- C
1258 - Chivalrous Demon Lord, AmonAmon D B- C-
1260 - Pure Demon Lord, AstarothAstaroth B- B- B-
1261 - Haughty Demon Lord, BaalBaal B- B- B-
1552 - Heaven-Shaking Archdemon, LuciferLucifer B B B

With Egypt 1 being in three of the last four godfests, I think I’ve said everything I can about them. These are the very best leaders in the game. You won’t regret rolling them. You won’t regret making a team for them. And you certainly won’t regret blowing away the most difficult dungeons in the game with them.

On the other hand, the Archdemons are one of the worst pantheons in the game. They are still marginally relevant since rows, skill boosts and orb changes will always be useful, but they look very poor especially when compared to the Heroes. The counterattack clause on their 1:1 orb change is ridiculously bad, turning a standard five turn cooldown into seven or longer. They are also in an awkward position since only Astaroth and Lucifer have split uevos, meaning GungHo can’t quickly remedy the situation with awoken uevos unless they want to break the trend they’ve followed so far (all awoken monsters have had two previous uevos). By the way, Belial still doesn’t have skill up fodder on NA…

That being said, the Archdemons aren’t bad enough to rain on Egypt 1’s parade. If you’re interested in starting an awoken Egyptian team, this is still a fine day to roll.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration.
Day 2, 7/12
Name Lead Sub Overall
Three Kingdoms
1738 - 覇征の龍武王, Cao CaoCao Cao B A+ A-
1741 - Soaring Dragon General, Sun QuanSun Quan B A- B+
1743 - Restrained Dragon Hero, Liu BeiLiu Bei B- A+ B+
1744 - 天禄の龍聖姫, Da Qiao1745 - 天奏の聖華神, Xiao QiaoDQXQ B A- B+
1746 - 修羅の飛翔神, Lu BuLu Bu B+ B B+
1827 - Red-Winged Star Angel, RozuelRozuel C+ C C
1829 - Blue-Winged Star Angel, FamielFamiel B B B
1831 - Green-Winged Star Angel, RuelRuel B- B- B-
1833 - Holy-Winged Star Angel, ArielAriel B- B B
1835 - Dark-Winged Star Angel, LumielLumiel B B B-

The Three Kingdoms features some of the most elite subs in the game. They regressed back towards the mean with the recent power creep, but still remain elite sub options and aside from Lu Bu are irreplaceable by anything else in the game.

The Angels are perhaps the strangest pantheon in the game. They were unimpressive when they were released and have only gotten worse due to power creep. It seems like they were created to fit particular niches, but don’t fulfill them particularly well. Two major things are holding them back. First is the lack of skill up fodder, turning otherwise usable active skills into garbage. The second are their two bind resists, effectively giving them only two real awakenings. For something released so recently, it’s a shame they already need so much help.

Unlike day 1 with the Egyptians, the Three Kingdoms can’t carry the dead weight by themselves so you’ll have weigh your options carefully before rolling.

Ratings Notes

  • I added a dupes criterion, giving a slight boost to monsters that are good in multiples.
  • I haven’t added the two new JP GFEs Kanna and Satsuki. I’ll give Japan at least a week to figure them out before passing judgment myself.
  • There are no longer any S rank leads OR subs. There aren’t any A+ leaders either. There is only one monster with an overall S rank: LKali. Juggler raised the bar for power, now everything is finally catching up. The question is, when will GungHo raise the bar again?
  • There are still many improvements I want to make to the ratings spreadsheet, but as I’ve been generally pleased with the results so far I’m not motivated to make many changes.

Please feel free to leave questions in the comments; I’ve relaxed the comment settings so you should be able to post anonymously, if that’s your thing. I’ll try my best to get to them ASAP as I know how time sensitive it can be, but that’s assuming life is cooperative.


5 thoughts on “Rating the Godfest: 7/11-7/12

  1. I’ve always love the angel 2.0 series. Ariel is one of my first rolls and every friend I had at the time was either angel 2.0 or chibi 3K. Kinda suck to realize how weak they are right now.

    What would your rating be if they ever get skill up fodders? I’ve been starting to use Ariel again on my UY team to cover light and I do wish to lower that cd so I can at least use her more often, preventing light orb trolls. Maybe the pantheon would be much better and fit in a system with their low cool downs. (Imagine Kanna leaders and 4 Ariels)


    • I really like them too. I think they have a lot of potential. Skill up fodder would bump their rating up a bit, but not by a significant amount (probably not enough to change their letter grade). I’m really hoping they get split uevos like 3K did. Their leader skills have potential, they just need a slight buff. They can also be really good subs if they get 3 additional, relevant awakenings. gungho pls

      I’m not sure how good an Ariel system would be, but it will be a good thing to keep in mind for the future.


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