Hypermax Bastet!


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  1. Hey Setsu,

    after seeing how much success you have had with Beelzebub, I’ve decided to put together a Beelzebub team and I was wondering if you think it would be better to use Loki or Lubu? I unfortunately I don’t have Batman. But if the collab comes around again I might try for it. Sorry if I’m asking this in the wrong place, I was hoping to hear your opinion.


    • Feel free to ask me questions anywhere, I’m glad to answer them. The free version of WordPress doesn’t provide a good place for spontaneous questions, unfortunately.

      For a Beelzebub damage enhancer, the short if it is that Loki is quite good; perhaps the overall best option since he has such high RCV.

      For the long of it, it really depends on your short term goals, the state of your box and how much you IAP, if at all. Loki is fairly costly to skill up since he doesn’t have a dedicated skill up dungeon and requires 8 skill ups. Lu Bu is a bit easier to skill up, but Loki is a much better option for the extreme endgame.

      As for Batman, he’s not a requirement for the team. There are times where you might want his 2x over Loki’s 1.5x, but that’s pretty rare. I’d say there are more times that you’d want Loki’s RCV instead. The reason I’m not using Loki is because I don’t have one.

      I kinda just scratched the surface, but if you have any other questions or want me to go into more detail, feel free to ask!


  2. Thank you very much for the reply! I greatly appreciate your feedback. I have been following your blog for a bit and I think it’s awesome you’re doing this.

    Happy to hear Loki is a good option and yeah skilling it up has proved rage inducing thus far. The ECO Dumpty’s have not been kind but the last time the event came around I didn’t have a decent team to farm for skill ups either.

    As it stands I really only have a Sonia team and Pandora, and I’ve been having trouble with the challenge dungeons, so I thought I might put together a Beelzebub team which would be more consistent. Do you think the Norse gods will get awoken updates soon or not for a while ?


    • I’m glad you’re a follower of the blog. It means a lot. There’s no real rhyme or reason to my posts, but I’m happy to hear people like it anyways.

      FYI you can also skill Loki through the Puchiorchids that sometimes drop in the Threedia technical and Purple Flower biweekly dungeons. They aren’t consistent drops, but they are available more often.

      Just as a heads up, Beelzebub is great for challenge dungeons, but that’s basically limited to Lvs 10, 9 and 7 since 8 and 6 are no RCV. How far you get is very dependent on how many +eggs you have; just wanted to put that out there to temper expectations.

      It’s hard to predict what GungHo is going to do. I think the Norse are most deserving of awoken uevos, but I also thought the Chinese were one of the least deserving. The Norse recently got their active skills changed, swapping the nuke portion for a one turn haste, but who knows if that has any bearing on them getting awokens. I think they deserve it. Let’s hope GungHo agrees.


  3. You know I’m embarrassed to say this but I completely overlooked the Puchiorchids entirely….. So thanks for pointing that out, will try my luck with those. And yeah I realize that plus egg investment and everything makes a big difference, I just need it to do the things that I can’t do with Pandora/Sonia, really. I can do 1-7 without much difficulty, it’s the 8-10 floors that I get stuck on.

    Although that may be relatively moot at this point because I just had the most bizarre stroke of luck with the REM…Did not get any three kingdoms cards at all though which is of course why I was rolling. Was hoping for a Cao Cao, speaking of if you roll at all good luck getting one I’ve seen you mentioned wanting one.


    • I do want a Cao Cao, but I’m resisting the temptation to roll as Odins are at 1x and what I really want is another ROdin.

      Good luck with skilling up Loki and your teams!


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